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    Fear is probably the greatest prison on earth — and well-aware of it, our Elites unscrupulously use and abuse it to our detriment. Fear inhibits us, holds us back from meeting our full potential, frustrates us, blocks our life flow, makes us sick — in short, fear ruins our lives on all planes. While it may sometimes be useful to alert us to danger, it nevertheless is public enemy number one to eliminate from our lives.

    Someone taught me, on many occasions, that courage, which is experiencing fear but overcoming it,  was all about attitude rather than aptitude. And that someone wasn't human — it was my cat!

    While still a little furry ball, Tommy (born on 11th April, he left this world in 2008) demonstrated his bravery in a way that I will never forget. It was back in 1992. At the time, my grand-mother had a beautiful female cat with a traumatised past which she had taken in (actually brought into her house by her other cat) and a piercing gaze that made everyone uncomfortable including other pets. As a kitten then, Tom was scared by her annoyed stare of apparent disapproval for his youthful presence and enthusiasm.

    Tired of her wanton silent criticism, my little brat eventually stood on his hind legs using the footrest of my granny's armchair to be at head level with the browbeating feline shrew so as to look her right in the eye and hissing at her what would translate as “ not scared” prior to scampering off at full speed, obviously enjoying his own impudence. Needless to say, we laughed our heads off, and I was so proud of him, whereas shocked at such gall the “cat bully” might have thought: “Oh, kids today!”

    In the last years of his life, as he had in turn reached “old age”, Tom had to reiterate this principle. My uncle was visiting with his PBGV. Like all hound dogs, she enjoyed chasing anything that moves, especially cats. Hard luck: that tom knew he was a predator who should never be confused with game and he told her so. I don't know whether he said he was a cougar or something like that, but Lili ran off without further ado! Ever since she's scared of all cats, regardless of their size, who can sense her fear and take great advantage of it. And most importantly, she knows better than chasing them.


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