• No Toilet Paper

    Lyrics by les Rolling Bidochons translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    As seen previously with their Nirvana spoof (see Related articles), the Bidochons may not do anything by halves, all the same they remain excellent musicians who also happily master the art of pastiche. See for yourself: check this ultimate “Fabfouresque” video clip and humourously revamped lyrics of "Paperback Writer" — so realistic it sounds like speaking from experience. So what? Don't tell me you never found yourself in such a rock'n'roll situation at least once in your life! You're welcome to share your experience in the comments below.


    Pas d'papier water

    I gotta get out of here, it's smelling goat
    I just can't use my whole press book
    I'd love to leave these toilets
    But there's no paper oh what can I do?

    No toilet paper
    No toilet paper

    Oh sure, it's unhygienic and it leaves marks
    And there's someone waiting at the door
    I've a good mind to put my pants back on
    Quite a challenge for soapers

    No toilet paper
    No toilet paper

    I may be on the potty, still no jackpot for me
    Short of paper, short of ideas
    If only I had a postcard
    Or some good comics so I could get the hell out of here

    No toilet paper
    No toilet paper

    If that's what it takes, I shall sacrifice
    My whole set of tube tickets
    Unless I wipe myself on the plastered walls
    But it's roughcast, it's sure gonna hurt

    No toilet paper
    No toilet paper

    © Titi Wolf, 1992

    Translated from French by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com

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