• New Year's Eve

    Article by Ey@el and music & lyrics by DeMerkastel

    Original en français

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    The blasted grin-fucking rituals and their assorted packs of wino resolutions that don't make it past the usual bafflegab hangover of the morning after! In an effort to minimise the potential damage and step into Year #9 (2+0+1+6=9) with a somewhat raised vibration, here's another dose of my preferred antidote: music. A fine liquor provided by my old buddy François aka E-Rocket — already introduced to you last summer (see Related articles) — all rustled up easy cosy and warm while yours truly was bravely fending off the snow storm outside (oh well, okay, I didn't really walk forty days and forty nights). And before you go, don't forget to thank your host and leave a tip for the waiter — a few comments will do.


    On New Year's Eve,
    We are all friends.
    We're hand in hand,
    And wish the best
    For a new harvest.
    It's New Year's Eve.

    On New Year's Eve,
    It's good to gather
    At night together.
    The stars are so bright
    Away from the fights.
    It's New Year's Eve.

    On New Year's Eve,
    Give our world promises
    And all kind of wishes,
    As a golden armour
    To get through this winter.
    It's New Year's Eve.

    Why do we need dates
    In the calendar
    To have faith
    And to give love?
    I wish we could be
    Just as one.

    On New Year's Eve,
    Anybody, anyway,
    Anyhow, any day,
    It's okay-ay-ay!
    It's New Year's Eve.

    It's New Year's Eve,
    So it could be the day,
    For everyone, everyday
    To do our very best
    To make things better.
    It's New Year's Eve.

    It's New Year's Eve.

    © François Demercastel, 1985

    About this song

    I wrote this track during a snow storm in winter '84-85 in a room full of marble statues,” says François. It's the result of a “constructive” jam session with musician friends which you may listen to HERE for comparison with the latest version above.

    In the meantime, another more sober version was often included in the set list of The Calltranes, a band he played with in the early nineties and which you may also hear performed live HERE.

    Actually, this title has always been an all-time favourite of mine” he admits. “I have written many songs that I keep in store, which sort of provides an easy excuse for being a lazy sod and for not writing any more. For whom and for what? So I kind of periodically bring it out when experimenting with new sounds.

    For an example of such musical experimentation, check this much different homemade demo he recorded on his own and which he reckons is a better reflection of who he is today.

    So which one do you like best? You have until next year to let him know.


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