• New names adopted for regions in France: Auvergne to be called “Middle-Earth”

    Article by Le Gorafi translated by Ey@el

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    Like the Picardie-Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, which has been renamed “Hauts-de-France” (France Heights), Auvergne (a central region of middle France) will also have its name changed. The decision was taken as a result of a vote on the internet.

    The local initiative was validated by the Regional Council of Auvergne that welcomed such a name, expecting it to clearly enhance the region's worldwide exposure.

    Middle-Earth is known to everybody, so hopefully, with such a name, visitors will flock massively to see our landscapes quite similar to those of Tolkien's world,” the Regional Council stated in a press release. “Also, we're much closer than New Zealand so it will be a great time and money saver for tourists,” they added.

    The Regional Chair presented various arguments in support of the chosen name. “Geographically, it makes sense. Then it is true that Auvergne accounts for quite a few communities with uncanny similarities with creatures from The Lord of The Rings. I can't remember them all, but believe me, there are many. Anyway, too late: it's already been adopted!

    A change of flag and a new name for local people

    Now that they have validated the proposal, the Regional Council is considering a possible change of flag and local currency and may also rename its people as “Hobbits”. “Auvergne natives are commonly shorter than average and very hairy. They'll just have to take off their shoes and it'll be perfect. No big deal, really.

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