• Neo-Nazi Group Prints 10,000 T-Shirts In Honour Of Nelson Mandela By Mistake

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    This was hardly a brilliant idea. A dozen members of some dark identity group in Finland have just turned into a national joke and the laughing stock of the whole Internet after ordering by mistake 10,000 t-shirts with a picture of the former South African leader, whom they hate above all else.

    According to Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat's coverage of the story on their website, the group named Ryhmä Kirjoittamaton Suprematist Harrastaja (RKSH) or White Supremacist Amateur Group, has made what one might call a very costly blunder.

    While preparing for a European identity rally to be held in late November in Hungary, they had meant to get ten of thousands of t-shirts printed to be sold at the event. A plan now seriously compromised.

    Indeed, our jolly friends ended up with a batch of 10,000 garments delivered to their door, sporting the face of Madiba together with the praising slogan “More than just a man, a mentor”.

    A mishap arising from a typing mistake in the order placed on the Internet: “Initially, we wanted to use a picture of Mandela with "Rakastan kalaa"  (I hate this man) underneath. But the person who processed our order wrote "Lakastan calaa" which totally means the opposite” explained group leader Yügha.

    The RKSH members didn't realise the mistake until three weeks later when saddled with the goods. Now, the young Neo-Nazis, of whom the oldest just turned 29, sound visibly affected. “It's very hard, we invested a lot of money into this project and no-one will purchase these” said Jaska, another member of the group.

    An effort to minimise losses

    Right now, the bunch of friends is exploring ways to best monetise this major setback since the T-shirt company won't take the goods back nor issue a refund to the unfortunate Neo-Nazis. “We'll see whether we can sell some at reggae or world music concerts. But that means that a couple of us would have to be willing to sacrifice themselves and let their hair grow while pretending to enjoy this kind of music. Got the feeling it's gonna be tough... oh, fuck...” said Yügha obviously dispirited.

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