• National Disgrace

    Graphic by Ey@el & article by George Gourdin translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

    Love is our resistance.
    They keep us apart
    And they won't stop breaking us down...

    ♫ "Resistance", Muse (2009)

    As you may know it, today is national day in France. Because words fail me — and because nowadays words are being twisted, distorted, scorned, silenced, and anyway well below the abjectness they intend to describe, I chose the universal language to express myself. As for bringing context, the following article published about ten days ago should do.


    While the French government has just lost all popular legitimacy in the last electoral process in June (the Power that be is now supported by a tiny minority of people below 10%), they are speeding up the process of mass vaccination. Deputies are currently examining bills to implement mandatory vaccination:

    • Covid-19 : French senate recommends mandatory vaccination for citizens aged 24–59 [source : Public Sénat]
    • Covid : Castex (French prime minister) introduces discussion about widespread mandatory vaccination  [source Les Échos]

    Mainstream journalists are pressed to prepare public opinion for such mandatory vaccination. Some of them even recommend handcuffing the reluctant to force the jab onto them.

    A Race Against Time Behind The Scenes

    Whereas the Power that be no longer has democratic legitimacy, it could be jeopardised by another threat as a complaint for crime against humanity, violation of human dignity and genocide has just been filed.

    Below is the official release of the CSAPE (Collective of European Professional Unions and Associations):

    International Criminal Court (ICP)
    2nd July 2021

    CSAPE informs you that a complaint against the leaders of France has been filed with ICP under number  OTP-CR-271/21 with an application for the initiation of an investigation for crime against humanity, violation of human dignity, oppression, and genocide.

    We are making this complaint publicly available as well as our findings on a worldwide scale and encourage you to take part in our action at CSAPE by also filing a complaint before the situation becomes irreversible for lack of actual resistance. The future of humanity (and of our children) is a stake.

    You are free to consult the attached complaint. Once you read about the unveiled factual information, you'll be definitely convinced of the need for action.

    In such case, CSAPE can assist you with this process.


    Simultaneously with this complaint in due form, another action is taking shape under the umbrella of German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich.

    Translated from French by Ey@el
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