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    Shortly after entering the solstice under the mentally restraining influence of Mercury in retrograde and emerging almost miraculously unscathed from the eternal burden of the holiday season, with its traditional half-hearted greetings and cheap resolutions, I threw myself headlong but thoughtfully into a winter rather than spring cleaning spree. However, it should be no surprise as I had previously announced my  intention to keep jumping off the bandwagon (in an article unfortunately unavailable in English). This just proves that not only do I get my kicks with words but also I take myself at my own word or at face value — call it some kind of mental yoga if you like.

    Just needed the Messenger of the the Gods (Mercury) to kickstart again in the right direction and boom, all my neurons went firing in all directions with a yen for shaking everything up during the dormant season. Sheer madness? Nope, because we all know not to brake on icy roads.

    A brain booster resulting in a new gentle both simpler and brighter face-lift for this blog while also protecting your eyesight and preserving the environment (no absurd eye-straining and energy-consuming white page web standard compliance here).

    Bubble Release

    No more dark dystopian (or non dystopian) urban landscapes (see Related articles). Make way for the windows of the soul and let this flow of sparkling light bubbles in, mirroring the tingling sensation of the host of ideas that keep bouncing around in my head. 

    The current structure has been maintained, but with lighter backgrounds allowing more natural transparency. The navigation within the blog is more unobtrusive but still effective.

    Arrows & Trails

    Good news for you all non-French readers: I have ultimately devised a CSS hack to replace the untranslated “Home” string in the breadcrumb (and it's still clickable). So much better this way — and so proud I was able do it!

    Good news #2: navigational links below articles now features the titles of both previous and next posts. The downside is that the former hack code (see Related articles) provided for those who preferred to have it on top won't work any more.

    Hip-hip-hooray! The so convenient up/down arrows on the right-hand side of your screen are now available on every page. Incidentally, I found out I just needed to enter the code in a single module when I had previously spent hours modifying every editable page to this effect. I know, better late than never, but all the same, it's so frustrating!

    No, the quick search form has not gone. It's just moved down. As for detailed category indexes, for practical reasons, they are no longer available on demand on a separate page but included again within the category description.

    Move That Toolbar to Port Now!

    Back again is the lost arrow on the left-hand side of the Eklablog toolbar allowing you to hide it. In the process, I was finally able to provide the minor cosmetic alterations I wanted to the above-mentioned toolbar. That said, and before attributing it all to divine inspiration, I would like you to know it took me a lot of dedication, methodology and time to rewrite the style sheet (which contains an estimate of over 1400 additional lines) and spot faulty inconsistencies. As a self-taught webmaster, I must say I greatly enjoyed this minor victory: “Yes, gotcha you f... s... toolbar!

    Synthetic Pictorial View

    In no particular order (but in good order), galleries have been centralised on single pages and both renamed and updated with new pictures.

    Last but not least, the revamping also added relevant illustrations on top of every utility page such as guestbook, contact form, newsletter, surveys, archives, detailed search and tag cloud.

    I hope you'll enjoy my bubble release. Should you come across minor glitches such as dead links or mistakes of all sorts, please, do not hesitate to contact me via the comment form, guestbook or email contact form and I shall do my best to fix it.


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