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    Article by Kat Brown

    I meant this fun and frolics for relaxing during the inescapable holiday season. However, this is an emergency case given the mega low vibe party thrown in, this weekend, by the International Anti-Human League with the instant collaboration of Charlie's fear-driven sheeple (at least we, Parisians, won't get called “calf's heads” anymore since everyone is Paris now) — ever so proud of showing how brave they are and how much they love their neighbour by freely feeding the hideous voracious egregore monster (the ultimate purpose of which is to feed on them and dispose of excess numbers) while begging their shepherds to go and beat the arses off of the « filthy scumbags » who had no more role in this tragedy than those who got slaughtered in Paris in retaliation against the same horrendous murders previously committed by the “good guys” — our governments. Instigated terrorism is no more than a vile diversionary tactic to justify and install the global dictatorship we hear so much about — a genuine threat some, unable to forsee, refuse to acknowledge (elephant in the room syndrome). There is a reason why fools are blessed and the immune get burned. Best of luck to the square-minded who probably never saw the Cube movie (or once again totally missed the point). Now it's up to each and everyone to choose what he wants to believe based on what he fears or what he feels is right. So, in retaliation, let me offer you my antidote, directly imported from the UK (and reposted here in its entirety since some clips were missing on the original page) and in the hope that its high vibration might help you clear all the crap stuck in your craw. Caution: at high dosage, it might cause abdominal torsion, uncontrollable lacrimation, chokage and even risks of temporary incontinence. You have all been warned.


    There are few actors better equipped for silent comedy than Rowan Atkinson, whose expressive face might as well be made of rubber. In his character Mr Bean, Atkinson created a comic icon, and, thanks to the decision to make him a largely silent character, a global sensation.  

    Atkinson dreamed up the character while studying for his master's degree at Cambridge. He played an early version of Bean, then called Robert Box, in a In 1979 sitcom called Canned Laughter. But it was when Box morphed into the selfish, self-centred and frequently lunatic Bean in a Nineties ITV series written by Robin Driscoll that Atkinson's name and fortune were made.

    Supported by his beloved teddy bear and Mini car, Bean's "child in adult form" as Atkinson described him, has taken over the world. Two feature films, Bean and Mr Bean's Holiday, took almost half a billion dollars at the global box office, with music videos, adverts and an animated series adding to the coffers, if not the critical acclaim. But Bean's best moments are arguably those that appeared in the 14 television episodes which ran between 1990 and 1995.

    Fortunately for fans both of Atkinson and his character, he has banked up some of the finest comic moments on television. Here are our favourites: let us know yours in the comments.

    1. The Christmas lights saga

    It makes complete sense to test your lights before you buy them, unless you're Bean in which case you will go about it in precisely the wrong way.

    2. Afternoon tea

    The Bafta award-winning episode, The Curse of Mr Bean, was the third of the first series, and it contains some of the most sublime moments in comedy. There isn't one dud joke.

    Here, Bean has the most laboured attempt at making a cup of tea and a sandwich ever committed outside Heston Blumenthal's test kitchen. Assemble your hot water bottle, sock and scissors, and join in. Angus Deayton is the bewildered onlooker.

    The scene also had a rare spoken line from Bean, one of the series' funniest, particularly in the context of the Nineties. Not bad for three words.

    3. DIY party food and drink

    Bean's attitude to holding a party is about as successful as his catering. There have probably been worse New Year's parties, but few with such disgusting snacks.

    He ends the night alone, albeit with his beloved Teddy, only for next door's party to loudly welcome in the New Year: his own friends moved his clock forward so they could run off to it. This episode is the closest you come to feeling sorry for him: almost. Then you remember what he served at the party.

    4. Terror at the swimming pool

    To a child in the Nineties, there were few more terrifying sounds than the sound of the lifeguard's whistle indicating some transgression on your part. Needless to say, Bean has the whistle within 30 seconds of entering the pool area, before making such a fist of mastering the high dive board that he may well have been inspiration for the reality diving show, Splash.

    This clip ends before the sad sight of Bean's swimming trunks slowly appearing on the surface without their owner. What happens next is a delight, albeit one to watch through your fingers.

    5 & 6. The Mini's greatest hits

    As with Teddy, Mr Bean's Mini took on a personality of its own, added to by a long-running feud with the unseen driver of a Reliant Regal.

    Never one to do anything by halves, Bean locks his car by using a padlock and removing the steering wheel. But it's his ingenuity at the wheel – or at least, near the wheel, that is just inspired.

    Getting dressed in the car

    Rooftop driving

    7. The department store Nativity

    Only Bean would play house with a Nativity scene, however much anyone else wanted to. And certainly only Bean would bring in the Army, a helicopter, and a magnet to escort the Blessed Child to the Nineties equivalent of a Barbie dream house.

    8. How to get changed on the beach

    We've all been there. Oh it's all very well when you're six, and your parents are there to hold a towel around you, but what about when you're an adult, and possibly have no towel?

    Another unnecessarily convoluted lesson in dressing from Bean, and one with a gorgeous pay-off.

    9. “Have you got the turkey on?”

    How does getting yourself into the situation where you have a turkey stuck on your head happen, exactly? This was later immortalised in Friends, when Joey did the same thing, but first it was the unlucky Bean.

    He was in the process of making Christmas lunch for his girlfriend, the very existence of whom suggests a comforting certainty that there really is someone for everyone.

    10. Mr Bean at the 2012 Olympics

    As a British global icon, it was almost inevitable that Mr Bean would feature in the Olympics opening ceremony. Weeks later, Atkinson told the Telegraph that the end was in sight for Mr Bean.

    Apart from the fact that your physical ability starts to decline, I also think someone in their fifties being childlike becomes a little sad," he said. "You’ve got to be careful.

    Atkinson left the character's trademark suit and hair at home in order to play orchestra keyboards under the auspices of Sir Simon Rattle - and then float off in a dream sequence to do some extreme cheating in a race to the Chariots of Fire theme. Beautifully done.

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