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    For some time now, I'm seeing odd stuff in the tree outside my window, as though Mother Nature was trying to give me personal messages. I am well aware such kind of statement might cause great hilarity in certain individuals, never mind. Smile as you wish, I even took some pix to confirm it (unfortunately these were taken from a distance and behind the window pane, and therefore ended up as low quality blurred images). However, those in the habit of paying attention to signs and synchronicities would agree that this is not so ridiculous as it may seem. So, are these angel messages? Cosmic humour? Delirium tremens?

    “You shall not fall”

    Suspended by a thread, this leaf kept hanging loose and swirling round all day despite the windless conditions, the continual exercise of birds on the branches, and the falling rain. Nothing managed to sever its invisible bond with the tree. Note: I've applied some filter to partially decolorise the grass so that the leaf would stand out.

    “Take heart!”

    All the leaves have now fallen from the tree except for a red one that looks so much like a paper heart I first thought it was indeed.  This is not a fake picture. I just increased contrast and applied a mask to highlight the leaf — both colour and shape are genuine. Couldn't miss such a scarlet spot in the gloom.


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