• Mornings after

    Pictures by Marinus captioned by Ey@el

    Original en français

    Feel crummy? Whooped it up a bit too much?
    Serves you well! Time to go green.
    Bamboo does make your bones stronger.

    Itchy scratchy? Somewhat, a lot... Should have known
    better than getting back home pissed as a newt
    and wallowing in the doghouse on New Year's Eve.
    Off you go: flea collar and baking soda!

    Soft drinks are more fun! Citrus juice can be such
    a boost. Looks like you got an overdose.
    Well, when you're tired of jumping all over the place,
    you can have a rest eventually.

    You have your head in the clouds?
    You wouldn't have smoked any weed, would you?
    Nope? Well done then, you're tops!


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