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    Gentlemen, you may now treat yourself to a coffee as this article might not be your cup of tea unless you're a big fan of home-made cosmetics or wish to surprise your partner. So now, let me say there's really nothing like a nice eyeliner effect to give your eyes more intensity and enhance their colour. Simple and effective. I'd like to share with you two easy recipes using non toxic ingredients (available online or in specialised shops) to make your own at home for a ridiculous cost.

    Eyeliner Gel


    • 1,6 g black oxide
    • 6.7 ml mineral water
    • 0,07 g guar gum
    • 3 drops grapefruit seed extract (or 7 drops Leucidal)

    QS 9 ml


    Dilute oxide with water. Next, add the gum all at once, stirring vigorously with a mini whisk to avoid clumping. Don't stop until it turns into a liquid gel. Then you can add the preservative.

    Transfer to a clean and disinfected recycled eyeliner container (using a top-filled syringe with a plastic tube instead of a needle to prevent overspill) or a small jar preferably glassware. Please note I have encountered problems using the latter type of container as it exposes the product to air and increases the risk of potential bacteria infection even if you clean your brush before use. The gel tends to harden and moulds can form while I never had any problem using the bottled version with built-in brush applicator.

    NOTE: Leave to dry for 30-60 seconds before opening your eye so it won't smudge.
    Recommended storage life is 3 months.

    Compact Eyeliner


    • 1,6 g black oxide
    • 1,3 g cosmetic talc
    • 0.1 g lauroyl lysine
    • 0,04 g acacia gum
    • 10 drops pure (or with vanilla) sesame oil
    • 1 drop vitamin E (optional)


    Use a mortar to grind powders and build colour. Next add oil and vitamin E and keep grinding until you get a smooth mixture. Transfer to a clean, disinfected recycled eye-shadow container or a small jar. Cover with a tissue and press hard all over the surface using a fat and heavy object preferably of same size to compact.

    NOTE: Apply with a moistened eyeliner brush you'll clean-up with soap before using. For my part, I use it with a dry brush just like eye shadow after applying the eyeliner gel for a matt effect and better hold.

    Storage life should be one year at least since it contains no water. However, do no hesitate to discard the product should the smell or colour change to avoid any bacteria infection.

    If you wish to make a coloured eyeliner, use oxides rather than ochres (more pigments) or micas (for sparkle effect) at proper dosages. You may use activated charcoal instead of black oxide but in the gel recipe only as its granulometry and bulk density will make it impossible to compact.


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