• Monsanto: “The diseases caused by our pesticides are all in line with European standards”

    Article by Le Gorafi translated by Ey@el

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    While many criticise Monsanto for its monopoly preventing diversity in farming and the high toxicity of its products, the company wanted to make a point by stressing its compliance with existing rules.

    Whereas many studies link pesticide exposure to prostate cancer, haematopoietic cancer and Parkinson's disease, Monsanto wished to assure everyone that “these cancers are no different to traditional cancer; while their rate might be slightly higher than average in cultivation areas using our products, metastasis is exactly the same.”

    As to whether the use of such chemicals as weedkillers, GMO's or Agent Orange can be accounted for the aforementioned diseases, Monsanto's response is unequivocal. “I know about the lawsuits against us, but let me say that none of Monsanto's employees suffers from such illnesses. Incidentally, all food served in our canteens is organic” stated a communication officer.

    A blessing for the future

    But instead of apologising, Monsanto strikes back: “Our products will inevitably have an impact on future generations. But call it like this: with the crisis, the increase in terrorist attacks, and Black M's records, it might be a blessing for those kids to die young.

    Translated from French by Ey@el
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    • Black M is a very controversial fascist, homophobic French black rapper.

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