• Medecine Bow

    Music & lyrics by Waterboys

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    For your information, Medicine Bow, in South Wyoming, is the highest peak in the Snowy Range of the Rocky Mountains, towering over 12,013 feet. It is usually covered with snow from October to late June. Summer conditions up there can be extreme, with frequent thunderstorms and hail during the afternoons.


    There's a black wind blowing
    A typhoon on the rise
    Pummeling rain
    Murderous skies
    I'm gonna take my books
    I'm gonna wear my coat
    I'm gonna find my scarf,
    Wrap it around my throat

    And you can come with me
    Through the driving snow
    We're gonna ride on up to
    Medicine Bow

    I spent too long
    With my face in the floor
    There's a man in my head
    But he isn't me anymore
    I'm gonna find me a ship
    Stowaway on a boat
    I'm gonna burn all the words
    And letters and cards
    That I ever wrote

    And you can sail with me
    Where the current flows
    We're gonna move on up to
    Medicine Bow

    I'm gonna change my colours
    Throw away all my things
    Stop my squawking
    Grow some wings...

    Well I will not sleep
    And I will not rest
    I'm gonna put my soul
    And my will to the test
    I'm gonna tug at my tether
    I'm gonna tear at my lead
    I'm gonna test my knowledge
    In the field of deeds

    And you can run with me
    Fast as we can go
    Over the hill to
    Medicine Bow

    The night is dark
    And the night is still
    But over on the shadowy
    Side of the hill
    Fires are burning
    I can see them glow
    I can feel the Light
    Coming up from
    Medicine Bow

    And you can come with me
    Through the rain and snow
    Tonight we dine in
    Medicine Bow

    © Mike Scott, 1984

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