• May Faerie

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    Graphic by Ey@el

    Original en français

    I've got little fairies in the palm of hand, having tea in my backyard... May Day means lily of the valley; lily means bells; (Tinker) bell means... fairy! In any case, this is the train of thoughts that led me to design this graphic based on Bluefay's "Spring" tutorial. According to the ancient Greeks, Apollo would have created lily of the valley so that his nine muses wouldn't hurt their feet on the ground. There are many other legends, but I chose to retain this one because it serves as a reminder of what bounds us to nature through what the mystics call “elementals”. In France, the custom of offering lily of the valley on May Day for good luck dates back to Charles IX. A word of caution: you must know that although used for its medicinal properties (almost similar to those of digitalis), lily of the valley is a highly toxic plant and that ingesting its leaves, flowers, stems or roots may lead to cardiac arrest. According to French Dr Valnet (a sound reference for phytotherapy), you shouldn't keep it in your bedroom as it might cause headaches, spasms, and possibly convulsions and delirium.



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