• Marijuana Contains “Alien DNA” From Outside Of Our Solar System. Some Experts Believe Humans Do Too

    Article by Alexa Erickson

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    Frankly, this article raised a lot of questions in my mind such as to whether the amount of work I offer for free (I have not requested any of the ads on this blog and do not earn a penny for this) is really worth the effort or not, given that apparently most people only browse through information and share it to the sole purpose of comforting their image and pleasing their ego. On the other hand, it also led me to take a hard look at my own surfing habits and realise that, more often than not, I for myself happen to retweet articles without reading them thoroughly due to lack of time, just because the headlines and the contents of browsed sections appear to convey important information. In my defence (ego ego), let me add that my retweets are mainly motivated by pure excitement and I always save of a copy of those articles for reading later and potential translation or repost on this blog. Hang on, honestly do you actually read my posts or just visit to boost my stats?


    There are headlines meant to reel readers in to material that’s far less exciting than the title suggests, and then there are articles that largely go unread, but the headline alone sparks a fury of comments and shares on social media. Liking, sharing, and offering opinions on articles without ever reading them seems odd, but in our fast-paced society, defined by information-overload, it’s hard to blame people for assuming the headline doubles as a summary. But that’s simply not the case.

    NPR dove into this controversy, sharing an article on their Facebook page that asked, “Why doesn’t America read anymore?” There was NO article, of course, because the point of this passive aggressive joke was to see if their followers would shoot back with opinions without clicking the link. And just as they expected, people certainly did just that.


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