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    Destroying puppet strings
    To our souls,
    Micro waves me insane,
    A blade cuts in your brain,
    Sounds like forks on a plate,
    Blackboard scratched with hate.

    "Micro Cuts", Muse (2001)

    The few « thoughts » below are not really since they merely occurred to me out of the blue while commuting on a train delayed by works in progress this summer and felt urged to write them down. This is what some may call channelling, but I don't quite like this term which I find a bit pompous. Besides, I don't see myself as a channeller at all — and hope I never become one, having enough trouble dealing with living people in the 3D!

    The Almighty

    In terms of “inverted light”, those called the “almighty” of this world are actually “powerless” in terms of vibration. Completely disconnected from Source, they are stuck inside a downward spiral. The more they feed on other people's energy, the more their frequency decreases because doing so consumes a lot of energy for they need to lower the vibrations of their power supplies first since you cannot receive more than you can emit. A bit like a low voltage electric appliance needs a voltage transformer otherwise it would get fried by the 220v power.

    Furthermore, proxy energy is short-lived compared with direct energy from Source. A bit like when you use extension cords and/or multiple sockets, it creates electric losses for each resistance you add to the circuit.

    Consequently, on the inverted scale, the more they violate natural laws by hurting others, the lower their frequencies, the more they disconnect from Source — a bit like when those who are of service to others and raise vibrations with their joy, compassion, and love but on the opposite polarity. Which causes their feeling of division/separation to increase as well as their fear.

    In short, the more they steal from us — not just our money which is only energy, but our time, our free will, our health, our freedom, all of which ultimately aim at the same and one thing: our life force —, the more they are afraid that we take this energy back. Or worse: that we wake up and figure out how to reconnect to unlimited Source and raise our vibrations, which would in turn impact the morphic field in a snowball effect. This would not only make energies unbearable for them, but would also lead to their demise.

    The energy of disconnection

    They are so disconnected from Source that they no longer know how to reconnect. If you ever felt terrorised, or that you were living in a jungle and had to kill in order not to get killed, well, that's a bit how they feel and what motivates their behaviour.

    Yes, but they are so awful, they commit such horrors, they are monsters and deserve what's coming to them! They do not deserve love.

    Actually, they DON'T want love because it's high energy. They prefer feeding of hatred. The angrier at them we get, the more we hate them and seek revenge, the stronger they get while we get weaker. If we're not careful, we might get dragged into the same downward spiral.

    And this is precisely what they're attempting to do out of despair — because they know too well that they have lost the game even though they seem to be gaining new ground. They want to take us down with them. To destroy us. Out of pure hatred. Because, just like you want to share your happiness with everyone, spite wants to destroy the whole world.

    To draw a parallel, you need to be honest with yourself and remember that or those times when you felt so unhappy and hurt that you envied other people's happiness and not necessarily wishing them ill, but rejoiced of their misfortune or simply tried to spoil their joy with an offensive attitude. This may be tough to acknowledge, all the more since our anger is legitimate, but if we are to stop all this madness and incapacitate them, we need to send them love. NOT hatred.

    It doesn't mean we condone all the evil they've done and keep doing, but to reconnect to Source we must absolutely stop playing the separation game they're promoting. This is actually what enabled them to abuse us with impunity. Somehow, we have all become their unconscious accomplices and willing victims. At least, until now. Because things are changing and the split of humanity is pending if not already happening.

    Radio Harmony vs Radio Discord

    These apostles of inverted light, and all those who fall into the trap of responding from their ego rather than from their heart, will all become spectres in the new reality of those who make the opposite choice, and the density of the first will no longer be able to disrupt the fluidity of the latter when their energies meet. Just like two radio stations that used to interfere with one another, creating background noise for being too close and overlapping, the fine-tuning won't allow this anymore whether you've chosen to tune in to Radiio Harmony or Radio Discord, you won't get both.

    This will come about gradually, though quite quickly, until they are no longer able to come our way anymore. In the long run, our six senses will no longer pick low frequencies. But we shall need to do the fine-tuning work first.

    Now, now, now is the time,
    Time to be aware.

    "Let There Be More Light", Pink Floyd (1968)

    So which of the Ego or Heart button will you dial?


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