• Like A Monster

    Music & lyrics by Indochine translated by Ey@el

    Original en français

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    Welcome to our wonderful world
    Into the house of the Lord,
    I am your new messiah.
    No need to worry anymore,
    I'm back, bringing you
    True happiness, money and love.
    I'm like a monster!

    Listen and gather together to me.
    You can worship me,
    You can touch me, I'm your preacher.
    I do love you
    And shall destroy all of your miseries.
    I am your maker,
    I'm like a monster!

    I'm your new president,
    Hard pushed with all your troubles.
    Both the Americans and the Chinese
    Are abolishing death penalty,
    I foresee happiness and joy
    In our countries.
    I'm your devoted friend,
    I'm like a monster!

    I'm your new TV host
    On Bliss Channel.
    I shall make you
    The star of all good people
    Overnight — trust me,
    I am your maker,
    I'm like a monster!

    © Nicola Sirkis 2002

    Translated from French by Ey@el
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com

    Reproduction of the above contents is strictly prohibited.
    © lapensinemutine.eklablog.com. All rights reserved.
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