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    It's a new dawn,
    It's a new day,
    It's a new life
    For me.
    Freer than you
    And feeling good.

    "Feeling Good", Muse (2001)

    Five months ago I wrote about a dream which had a deep impact on me and which I attempted to illustrate and analyse (unfortunately I never had time to translate this article in English). It's common for that type of dreams to take time to hit home and I don't think our inner director (our subconscious) would go through all the trouble of impressing us for the sake of just scaring us, but rather to make sure that we do get its message, remember it, and let it seep its way into awareness. So that when the time comes, we can be ready to act on it. For our dreams are only meant to provide guidance and move us forward on our path, not to thwart us. And this is exactly what happened to me recently.


    A couple of months ago, I joined an awakening group on  Discord (an cross-platform all-in-one voice and text chat originally designed for gamers) set up by Mysteria TV, a French YouTube channel exploring spirituality, alternative healing, UFO's and many other topics. Greatly overwhelmed by my empathy which seems to grow exponentially with the ever-increasing environmental negativity, and failing at protecting my subtle body with traditional techniques (such as the bubble of light, grounding, stick figures, etc.), I had taken the opportunity of a launching 'party' online to seek vocal advice from two radiant speakers of the channel who told me they both had struggled a long time, picking up other people's emotional junk and that I all needed was to find my own trigger.

    I certainly will, but in the meantime, however hard I try to build walls around me, it looks like I'm being abused by people who can actually walk through walls, and their pervasive emotions, which feel like constant violations of my auric field, are literally ruining my health and turning my life into a living hell, causing me to lose my focus on solutions. All the more since running away can only provide a temporary remedy in this vibratory jungle we live in today with negativity permeating everything. And not always relevant to situations involving lack of finances.

    Besides, I am now fully aware that we cannot change others but definitely can change ourselves in order to stop being affected by them. Indeed, if what they send out find painful resonance within us, it is because we must have unhealed wounds, unpleasant stuff we tend to repress instead of letting go so that it can find its way out to the surface. No matter how masochistic it might sound, we certainly do not find any perverted pleasure in nurturing emotions that contribute to make our lives hell when all it takes is to let go off them, but rather because the fear of having to relive them is much stronger than our urge to get rid of them. Why complicate matters, huh? Well, this is what happens when you believe that life is necessarily hard and complicated. Life complies to your belief. This is as simple as that even though it may sound complicated (have I lost you?).

    That said, it's just like learning to swim on dry ground. I'm not being sarcastic, just pragmatic. A theory is only worth what you can make out of it, otherwise it's useless aside from twisting your mind.

    So I sought advice on Mysteria TV's Discord and administrator Jaan wrote:

    One thing that works is not to personify the story nor taking any part in it, but to allow yourself to feel it at energy level, experience it like a tidal wave, allow yourself to taste it, and then let it resume its course within your body until it completely dissolves. You'll see that if you do not repel it and that if you do not relate to it, and let it go its own way, it will pass through you like a huge wave. You might feel a bit pushed at first, but after a while you may well have a laugh or experience some pleasure as it goes.

    I know how you feel for I too pick up collective emotional/mental egregore and having a neutral approach as if an ocean wave were passing through me turns out very helpful. Resistance makes energy solidify, which then gets stalled and creates mental loops as it tries to find its way out. Allow yourself to taste it, place your attention on it in your body and you'll see it move and find its way out or notice a change in density/warmth before it dissolves. Approach it as a discovery game. When you put up no resistance, it eases the flow and it won't leave its mark on you. ♥

    Regarding the constant (not necessarily expressed) anger permeating my close surrounding even through (physical) walls, she says : “Protection = resistance and solidification within polarities. Anger is always a ground for refusal therefore it is resistance.

    Agree, but this anger is NOT mine! It forces its way inside, I guess because I still have traces of unresolved anger within of which I'm not aware of? Though I'm not one to silently rant and would rather let it out.

    Yes, obviously you will never pick up free flowing energy, but only crystallised energies! We're a bit like transmuting antennas”.

    Allow the wave to pass through me... sounds familiar, doesn't it? You bet it does! It is exactly the theme of that dream mentioned above, which I had chosen to entitle "Atlantico". In that dream, I was riding alongside a steep cliff above a dark stormy sea aboard a train swallowed by a tsunami, yet never derailing off its track, leaving me unscathered... and dry! Everything Jaan (who didn't know about the dream) said now sounds exactly like what the dream was attempting to tell me. In order to move toward my inner light and peace, I must stop putting up any resistance.

    In Rainbows

    Resistance is hard to let go of — but ever since this 'revelation', I've been making significant progress and indeed, the energy is now dissolving within the hour nay fifteen minutes depending on my energy state, whereas before it would take a whole day or more — and it affects my solar plexus (acid reflux, heartburns, indigestion), which is the chakra of self-assertion, personal power and prosperity.

    In her book called The Rainbow Journey, Dr Brenda Davies explains how emotions such as anger, rage, jealousy, resentment and guilt, often called 'negative' because we don't like to feel them, are actually very potent movers in our lives provided we allow ourselves to experience them. On the other hand, unaddressed emotions might get stuck at the solar plexus, sapping our confidence, our willfullness and stamina, constantly feeling like victims for this is the level where we normally set healthy boundaries. On the opposite, it might also induce sociopathic behaviours.

    I have a patient who works with a colleague who is angry and immature with little respect for others, often hurling verbal abuse as well as objects. My patient needed to learn to close his solar plexus very tightly before going to work since otherwise he not only finds himself feeling exhausted and battered, but also he carries much of the anger home and dumps it on his family. Eventually he may learn not to allow himself to be in such an abusive situation. But for the present, he doesn't have to pick up the negativity that he's surrounded by on a daily basis — and neither do his family. He uses the following exercise to close his solar plexus and protect himself.

    As a a quick thirty second first aid, imagine there is a beautiful  yellow flower at your solar plexus with its petals fully open. Then with your eyes closed visualise it closing up into a very tight bud. You'll be amazed at how you'll stop picking up emotional and psychological junk.

    Closing of the solar plexus at will needs practice and it's worth checking several times a day if necessary to see that you're not wide open to everyone else's mess.

    Excerpt from The Rainbow Journey © Dr Brenda Davies 1998


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