• Kill The Clocks

    Book excerpt by Karen Marie Moning

    I had translated this poem from Karen Marie Moning's latest book to illustrate a themed article in French about time as part of a community project bringing bloggers together around a unique elected topic every month. Since most of my writings for the Eklabugs Project are essentially based on puns, colloquialisms and idiomatic expressions, I'm afraid they'll never be available in English. However, a reader enjoyed this piece so much and requested the original version so I thought I'd share it with you here as well. Enjoy!


    © Xetobyte

    Kill the clocks, those time-thieving bastards
    Haunting every mantel, wrist, and wall
    Incessantly screaming our time is gone
    Marching to war with us all

    Kill the clocks they remind me of people
    I once met in passing that pushed me aside
    To rush to their train or plane or bus
    Never seeing where the true enemy lie

    Kill the clocks before they've seduced you
    Into existing as they do, in shadows of the past
    Counting the days as they slip by us
    Boxed into a world where nothing ever lasts

    Kill the clocks and live in the moment
    No cogs or gears can steal our now
    When you laugh with me, time stands still
    In that moment, I'm perfect somehow

    By Karen Marie Moning
    © Feverborn, 2006

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