• Kids Were Asked If A Woman Could Be Santa Claus, The Response Is Alarming

    Article by Alexa Erickson

    A last-minute article that simply couldn't be published at any other time (so be it and never mind the overdose). Certainly it's mainly about the USA, but we all agree that it's no better over here. Since we're just in the midst of this “Christmas magic” frenzy (don't start grumbling, wait for it), it would be fun to wake up on the morning of 25th December, each with a body of the opposite sex, so that gentlemen may see of how great it feels to be a woman in today's society. I'm not describing everything we have to put through — as John Lennon sang in 1972, "Woman Is The Nigger Of The World" — I think unless we try to step into one another's shoes to get a hint, unlike the author of this article, I'd tend to be less optimistic as to how things might change. It's rather stupid nowadays when humanity is being assaulted on all sides with wars, etc., to remain divided on physical (illusory) concerns such as gender, skin colour... well, nothing new, but that's precisely what's so sad about it.


    It’s 2015. In the United States, marriage equality exists for all people of all races of all sexual preferences. We’re changing the way we represent body image with endless campaigns and voices speaking up and pushing for the truth buried beneath a heavily edited image. We are nearing our seventh year of having our first black president. Hilary Clinton is a top presidential candidate for 2016. We’re trying. We’re always trying as a community to push the envelope and make things match up to our expectations of living in a country that cherishes being the land of the free and the home of the brave. But then a simple video reminds us that we still have so much unfinished business left to tackle.

    Marketing company Anomaly and RSA Films teamed up to create a video they thought would simply garner some “cute” responses. They wanted to know what kids thought of a woman taking on the role of Santa Claus. You know, the holly jolly plump older Caucasian gentleman with a white beard, a soft red suit, and a matching sack slung over his shoulder.


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