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    Imagination belongs to those who dream impossible dreams.
    ~ Remy Donnadieu

    Is there such a thing as an impossible dream? Probably not because, as Mark Twain would put it, “we don't know about it, but we do it anyway”. Our imagination and our ability to turn our dreams into reality (fix our mental pictures on the silver film of tangible density) are only limited by the false beliefs we entertain in our heart (core), whether suggested, rooted, or stemming from our own fears.

    If according to the saying, “nothing is impossible for a willing (wakeful) heart”, therefore only the woke get stuck on the development process for having inadvertently (or willingly) been exposed to false safelight. How sad!

    However, no free pass, pass-through, Nazi pass, etc.... is required to access Images in Air. All you need is letting go, muzzling your ego (no need to smother it with a mask or a pillow), putting your fears aside (giving way), and sailing with the winds of adventure.

    Aside from night dreams, there are thousands of different ways to access the magic kingdom. One (my favourite) is to get carried away by the words (or pictures) another traveller in the Timeless Vastness captured on screen or paper.

    Normally I would now introduce my two best picks, both made in France, but since one of them is a psychological thriller only available in French, there is no point reviewing it here. However, if you can read this language, please, follow the link to the original article.

    Fortunately, no need to understand French for my second pick. A lovely gift idea to treat yourself or those you love.

    Image In

    Intuition is a natural process. You only learn how to listen to it.

    This card game was designed to help you develop your intuition. All you need to do is give free rein to your inspiration. Pick up cards as suggested on the instruction poster/leaflet, trying to feel them. For instance, is it light or dark coloured? Does it have warm or cold colours? What kind of emotion does it stir in you? Sadness? Joy? And so on. You may thus fine-tune your perceptions as you go. But you're also free to invent your own rules, to use it as a divination oracle, or to tell stories. The only limit is your imagination.

    Image In by Lulumineuse (22-card deck),
    Be Light Éditions (ships in the EU and overseas).

    A while ago, Lulumineuse explained how she had released a card game to learn to develop your intuition: “I note that the people who have embraced the inner mechanism for totally loosening up (meaning that you let go completely and your persona doesn't know what's on the cards), when you allow the flow of information which is not coming from you to go through you, then you may see what's on the card. And that's how you can see that the people who did the inner job of letting go do find what's on the cards.”

    For now, I'm only using it as an oracle. The details of the illustrations are so rich and suggestive and remind me so much of the wonderful books of my early childhood that it makes it easier to reconnect with my inner child, Keeper of the Keys to access Images In Air. Actually, each postcard-sized picture tells a story you may imagine, develop and complement with other cards. So, not only this game can serve as a medium for channelling your intuition, but it may also be a fantastic trigger for your imagination and and inspiration. Much more than any traditional divination card deck as the cards have no number, caption, description, or even key words. All the answers are within. The cards can only provide hints and clues, and the fact that there is no defined interpretation prevents your mind and limiting preconceived ideas from interfering. I just love it!


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