• Humans Are Not Designed To Eat Meat – Leading Microbiome Scientist Explains

    Article by Arjun Walia

    A couple of years ago, I had reposted an article in French which compared the human digestive system with those of carnivores and herbivores, suggesting that meat consumption wasn't something natural for us since apparently we're not designed for that. Of course, we can eat meat, but then why do we develop all these diseases we attribute to age? What about those acute signs of ageing that other species generally don't display? Well, this was only shared information presented as such and in no way a statement of absolute truth or finger pointing. Furthermore, this information sounded acurate to me for having experienced the long terms benefits of removing meat from my diet (I have been a vegetarian for more than 30 years as recommended by my doctor and turned vegan a couple of years ago). Apparently, some people are still witch-hunting.

    I had received a flood of hateful comments with absolutely no argument in it. Zilch, nada. Nothing but name callings and hasty judgments which you might expect to hear in a nursery playground. If that. No need to look for this article, it's been deleted (and it's never been available in English), but this time I'll choose to disable comments if some people can't be wise enough to move on when something doesn't resonate with them or when they dislike it. This has nothing to do with being unwilling to accept criticism. In addition, let me remind you that I haven't written this article, I'm only reposting it.


    There are many experts in the fields of anthropology, biology and all other sciences who have been creating awareness about the fact that ancient humans were not big meat eaters as they’ve been portrayed to be by mainstream education. This begs the question, where did this idea come from? Sure, sharp stone tools and canines like the ones found on a Gorilla, who by the way is vegan, may have led to assumptions that have perpetuated for many years, but in my opinion the answer is quite clear: big food marketing. Big food companies, like big pharmaceutical companies, have tremendous amounts of power, especially over our federal health regulatory agencies. As a result, we’ve literally been brainwashed into thinking our current recommended food guides are actually healthy and backed by science and history. Perhaps we’ve been misled, and new information and methods of testing are helping to shatter these assumptions that have been ingrained into human consciousness for a long time.

    Recent advances in technology and science have discovered that microscopic fossils of plant foods are abundant at various sites of ancient humans, indicating a vegan diet. Furthermore, dental, bone, DNA, and ancient human fecal analysis have shown considerable evidence that many of these people ate mostly plants.

    One of these experts is Dr. Christina Warinner (seen in the picture above), who earned her Ph.D. from Harvard University in 2010 and received her postdoctoral training at the University of Zurich (2010-2012) and the University of Oklahoma (2012-2014). She became a Presidential Research Professor and Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Oklahoma in 2014, and is currently a Leader in Microbiome Sciences at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History.

    Her work has led to some very interesting findings and conclusions:

    Humans do not have any specialized genetic anatomical or physiological adaptations to meat consumption. By contrast, we have many adaptations to plant consumption. (The Game Changers documentary)


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