• How woke culture is killing the individual

    Article by Richard Wolman

    Wherever we see an INVERSION, there we will find darkness at work. INVERSIONS are dark signals. The word to denote a state of clear awareness is “AWAKE,” not “woke.” “Woke” is a subtle yet in-your-face inversion of language. And lots of people have been duped into using it.

    ~ Purusha

    Please, note that adjective "woke" is a new word in English which stands for "awake" with a derogatory overtone given how stuck in their unbridgeable paradoxes those who claim to be woke are. The hatred emanating from this ideology should yet trigger all alarm bells in every human being endowed with a tiny bit of empathy i.e. everyone who isn't a psychopath. This is quite staggering seeing the extent of this orchestrated movement which aims not at creating a fairer and more equitable society, but instead seeks to destroy whichever ensures social cohesion. Woke have a victim mentality they use to justify their oppressive behaviour. How ironic is that these people who sport the emblematic colours of the rainbow can have such a monochromatic vision of reality. For them, everything is all black or white. Their self-righteousness does right only to themselves and their self-serving mentality calling others selfish who don't put themselves first. Wearing their ego on their sleeve and ditching their soul (sold to the Devil for peanuts?).

    Think of the stupid controversy over Prince Charming kissing sleeping Snow White without her consent (he didn't snog her, did he?); of inclusive writing where in French you can no longer use the feminine form of "pregnant" (because pregnancy may also apply to men perhaps?); of Harry Potter who is now accused of being racist (I have read it several times in two different languages and still cannot figure out how and why, so you tell me); or some black people being called white supremacists when they refuse to support inverted racism and looting. All lives matter. Not just mankind's. Life is sacred. That's when you start thinking otherwise that you slowly devolve into a psychopathic mindset, wanting to decide who deserves to live and who doesn't. But what if confronting us to such devolution was actually meant to wake humanity up?


    In many western countries, huge efforts have been made in recent years to erase the differences between us. The aim has been to reduce — even end — discrimination by removing barriers related to aspects of identity.

    Broadly speaking, this is a positive trend. Most people would agree that to be denied an educational, employment or other opportunity because of a protected characteristic like your sex or ethnicity is a bad thing. But it can quickly go too far.

    The rise of the woke warrior

    ‘Woke’ culture, which began as an expression to capture social justice awareness for African-Americans, has spread to encompass any and all aspects of identity. Unfortunately, rather than building bridges and educating, it became associated with knee-jerk verbal aggression.

    Anyone who says the ‘wrong’ thing, says the ‘right’ thing with the ‘wrong’ words, or has the ‘wrong’ opinion, is instantly called out. Usually this happens online via social media — mostly Twitter — because that allows for near-real-time responses.


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