• How to partially remove colour from pictures

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    A simple straightforward technique you may use with any image editing software such as Paint Shop Pro (the one I used), Photoshop, GIMP, PhotoFiltre, etc.

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    - a colour  picture with detailed background


    1. Open two copies of the image you wish to manipulate.

    2. Select the second copy and convert it to greyscale in order to obtain a black and white picture. Copy and past the output as a new layer on top of your colour image.

    3. Activate the layer you've just pasted and use the Freehand tool to outline the part you wish to restore to colour. Once selected, press Delete then unselect and save as JPEG. That it!

    NOTE: You may also use the Eraser tool for small areas but the Freehand tool will provide more precision. Apply in small increments when you deal with detailed shapes.

      © Warner Bros

    Click on each picture to enlarge

    For the above variation, I lowered colour saturation to 35% for the bottom layer and increased blue and cyan hues by 20%. For the top (grey) layer, I just lower opacity to 85% so as to get a slightly tainted black and white to enhance the faded look of the picture.

    Have fun with your pictures!


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