• How to meditate in a moment

    Video by Martin Boroson

    Sounds like nothing can be truer than the famous “heaven helps those who help themselves”. For me at least. I've experienced it yet again not so long ago as I was getting discouraged in the face of the work needed to become a better version of myself on the whole — not so much because of the harshness or quantity of effort required, but rather on account of the amount of time needed, more so as it tends to speed up. To put it in a nutshell, working out to reshape and tone your body takes time (in every sense of the word) when you expect visible results. So once again, I've been miraculously “guided” to a very straightforward “confidential” (copyrighted) method which achieves quicker and better results just when I was starting to lose faith after an 18-month intensive daily training period (in addition to a drastic permanent change in my poor dietary habits). As a result, I can concentrate on other “building projects” I had set aside due to my inability to expand time. Such as meditation — which, as far as I'm concerned, sounded like a forever lost cause since my mind did not come with a switch. And what did I find? This absolutely dead-simple royalty-free method which only takes an instant. Since as a rule for about everything I repost here, I have tested it... and it works! Now only time will tell. But I do reckon on hearing it from novices to find out, whereas those “spiritual experts” — who know it all and are always happy to let us know about it whilst never actually giving any practical help to those less skilled — need not comment if whatever they have to say can benefit but their own egos.


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