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    It's springtime. It has been raining a lot in this part of Europe and most specially in Britain where Stanley Donwood's1 diseased forests are full of amanites. In disgust over the Tories' re-election, thinking head of Radiohead Thom Thumb, who had been actively supporting the Greens, has decided to go green anyway and has settled into a new hut made entirely from recyclable waste, where he now resides, all surrounded by ferns and magical shrooms. One thing for sure he's very much thrilled about all these tomorrow's modern boxes2. To entertain his buddy Phil, who may be bald but not bold3, he's even pulled out a bunny out of his hat (sadly, the little fellow suffers from myxomatosis4). Need one wonder what he's added to his crêpe batter...

    Note: Just in case he'd want to put me square for making fun of him, I'd still rather much stay round and not getting stunned because I just can't f***ing figure out how to translate this bloody pun5 of mine!

    I'm not here,
    This is not happening.
    I'm not here,
    I'm not here...
    In a little while,
    I'll be gone.

    "How To Disappear Completely", Radiohead (2000)



    1. Stanley Donwood is a long standing friend of Thom Yorke's which he met at the University of Exeter and has created all the album and poster art of Radiohead since 1994.
    2. Tomorrow's Modern Boxes is Thom Yorke's latest solo album which he released seemingly out of the blue back in September last year.
    3. Phil Selway is the drummer of Radiohead and I don't know about his boldness actually, it was just an attempt to render a pun originally written in French which literally means “bald but not a chauvinist”. Now you know why I can't translate most of the stuff I usually write in French!
    4. What did I just say? Again, literally it says “reshape my head square”, “keep it round shaped”, and “not blocking any corner”. Phew!

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