• How to defeat a Boggart?

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    Article by Ey@el

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    “Whatever you do, do not forget that to defeat a Boggart, you must point your magic wands and say: 'Ridiculous'!!!”

    Shame on me: I have a Pensieve, I've been an accidental early beta-tester for the Muggle's Hogwarts where the Sorting Hat promptly sent me to the illustrious house of the Eagles, and yet I forgot to tell you about Boggarts. This bloody flu certainly is eating my brains away!

    Sometimes a picture says it better than any writer could.
    ~ J.K. Rowling

    What the hell is a boggart?” may enquire those who haven't read the books nor seen the movies of the most popular literary saga of the early century. As its author rightly twitted, the above picture illustrating the unfortunate developments over the last few days should provide a clue.

    A boggart has no existence nor form of its own. Like an egregor it is akin to, this parasitic creature lurks in the shadows and feeds exclusively on our deepest fears of which its takes the shape in great details so as to generate the negative energy it needs to survive and of which we're its primary providers. In Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Professor Lupin teaches his students that to overcome a Boggart, all you need is laughter. This means you have to change the mental picture of your fear to force it to take on a comical appearance while you speak out the killer word: “Riddikulus”.

    Later, when Lupin asks Harry which shape its Boggart would have taken, much to his surprise he replies that it wouldn't have been Voldemort's as one could easily expect but a Dementor's — creatures who feed on our happiness and end up eating our souls away. Lupin then says: “That suggests that what you fear most of all is — fear. Very wise, Harry.

    A sentence you should reflect on. Fear is the only weapon the Boggarts of this world have against us. To thrive on the outside, it needs to sprout and grow inside. As true keepers of our Garden of Eden, we musn't let the weeds take over.


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