• How to Avoid Getting Frustrated By People Who Are Asleep

    Article by Paul Lenda

    2020 has shown us that many are still asleep and not ready to awaken. It also has, perhaps more disappointingly, that many who appeared to be awake were only partially there. However, we should be careful when it comes to how we feel towards people who are still in a deep slumber, and some who are waking up but haven’t done so more fully yet.

    The fact that you “get it” doesn’t mean someone else will, at least in this lifetime. What seems straightforward to you may take quite a while for someone to realize. When they finally do, it may be absolutely revelatory for them and quickly accelerate their evolution.

    Everyone is on their own path, walking it at their own pace. It’s perfectly alright for everyone to be in their particular start of consciousness or unconsciousness. As much as we would love to ascend into 5D, see a new conscious paradigm, and have all of the predators and psychopathic forces dealt with in some way, we cannot violate anyone’s free will.


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