• How Did We Fall For It? Social Engineering And Crowd Manipulation

    Video by MiKaz transcribed & translated by Ey@el

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    How did they do it? How did our so-called elites manage to maintain billions of people in constant fear for months on end and have it still spreading right now? Which means and which techniques did they use? Why do most people remain blind to this gross manipulation which has been going on all over the world for almost a year? Well, almost a year regarding Covid, of course, as otherwise we've been living in a vast manipulation for decades, but this is another story...

    I imagine you have guessed what we're going to discuss today and I think it's more than essential to understand why and how we got here, so that then we get a better grasp of the different crowd manipulation techniques they will use so as to better prevent them. But first of all, we need to define what social engineering — or mass manipulation, crowd manipulation... whichever name you prefer — is.

    In the context of information security, social engineering is the psychological manipulation of people for fraudulent purposes. Let's see now which techniques have been used over the last few months at the top of the social pyramid to maintain people in fear, ignorance, and acceptance.

    1. The distraction strategy

    Our lives are actually filled with distractions: movies, computer games, TV series, smartphones, etc. And while you're being entertained with a video game or a good movie, you enter an hypnotic state.

    Under hypnosis, you bypass the prefrontal cortex which enables you to intellectualise and thus act on your thoughts rather than repeatedly and mechanically like you do when in a trance.

    And today, the whole world is literally in a continuous hypnotic state, busy with the distractions of everyday life. Especially young people with social media, reality shows, TV series, etc. Indeed, who started revolutions in the past? Who started May '68? The youth did it!

    And what's better for our political elites than a mass of hypnotised youth to impose their freedom-killing restrictions on?

    The distraction strategy is to divert public attention away from important issues and the political decisions of our leaders through a continual flood of useless information and distractions. As American singer and poet Jim Morrison said:

    Who controls the media controls the mind.

    2. Creating a problem then offering the solution

    The action-reaction-solution strategy where you first create a problem, like for example, a government orchestrates an attack against their own country (yes, it does happen...) and then offers the solution: more control, more video surveillance to prevent terrorist attacks, more social control... always coming up with the same argument of security.

    Today, France has CCTV cameras everywhere, many of which using facial recognition (that part is quite disturbing). There are many checkpoints, army troops are deployed massively all over the world... In a nutshell, every year we get more and more control without truly realising it.

    Covid is another example: they created a virus then offered the vaccine as the only solution. And while everyone is acting out of panic, stress and fear, nobody thinks much and everyone accepts the solution.

    In fact, through this one-way action-reaction-solution process, we have created an unknowing increasingly-controlled society which has no idea who is behind all this — and most of all, which is totally unaware that there actually is someone behind all this.

    Thus creating a problem then offering the solution is a very efficient technique in increasing use in our society to impose more restrictions accepted by the ignorant public.

    3. Addressing the public as if they were young children

    Note all the commercials today — at least many TV ads use particularly condescending language, characters, arguments and tone as if viewers were young children or mentally defective. You also get that with funny pictures and videos of the vaccine, Covid and other serious issues presented as childish.

    In fact, when you address an adult as if they were eight-year-olds, their response will be as uncritical as if they actually were eight-year-olds. Why? Well, that's the very principle of suggestibility.

    Suggestibility is the psychic quality of being inclined to easily accept and act on the suggestion of others, uncritically of course. Ultimately, talking to an adult as if they were children induces them to issue a response as ignorant and innocent as that of a child. Once again without their being aware of it, which is quite a feat indeed!

    4. Targetting emotions rather than thoughts

    We're right into it! For months on end, mainstream media, newspapers, and social media worldwide have kept repeating how dangerous Covid-19 is and the death toll and contamination linked to it so as to instil growing fear within populations, thus bypassing any critical thinking. And indeed, viewers stop questioning the information provided to them and buy it uncritically. That's because humans respond more to emotions than thoughts.

    What's better than a fear-ridden people to get them to do what you want. Furthermore, hitting the emotional chord allows you to access the human subconscious and implant ideas, desires, norms and of course, fears. This is simply how you manufacture consent. As Renaissance humanitarian philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli once said:

    Whoever controls people's fears becomes the master of their souls.

    5. Maintaining the public into nonsense and ignorance

    It's rather simple and mostly achieved through education. History as we're told during the course of our studies is either wrong or incomplete. We are told about good guys and bad guys waging war on each other. That's nice, but where's the truth in all this? For we are not told who financed the wars, what the real root causes of wars were, who planned them, what the actual aim was...

    Then why are we taught a totally biased history? Simply because if we were told the truth as it is, it would generate greater awareness amongst populations who would revolt against the established system, which is not what the elites want! The people would want to build a new system NOT ruled by banks enslavering and indebting them; NOT ruled by pharmaceutical lobbies selling poison drugs with side effects; NOT ruled by a National Assembly (such as the one we have in France) attended by only 50 of the 580 deputies when passing controversial laws at 3am. Instead, they would want a more horizontal and less pyramidal system like the one we have today. But once again, the elites want none of that for they wish to keep imposing their control on the population.

    The most important thing to remember is that people are prevented from knowing their past so that they are unable to understand their present. This is how you maintain the public into ignorance. Thus, after school, everyone majors in a specific area and even becomes an expert in their field, however lacking the general multidisciplinary analysis which would provide a greater understanding of how the world actually works. As Noam Chomsky once put:

    Education is a system of imposed ignorance. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year to control the public mind.

    I also wanted to introduce another of his interesting quotes:

    The general population doesn't know what's happening, and it doesn't even know that it doesn't know.

    And regardless of education, dumbing distractions such as reality shows, social medias, funny videos and too much useless and contradictory information breed the ignorance and stupidity of the people.

    6. Replacing revolt with guilt

    That is having individuals believe that they are solely responsible for their misfortune because of their lack of efforts, capacities or intelligence. This clearly is what happened with Covid over the last few months. If you don't wear a mask, you put your grandma at risk; if you go out during lockdown, you're going to contaminate others; if you don't take the vaccine, not only you're selfish, but you're also a bad citizen!

    Guilt, guilt, guilt.

    Of course, all this has been inconspicuously induced by the media, politicians, etc. So making people feel guilty create division amongst them. Thus those who don't comply with the norm are pointed at as deviant and feel guilty so that they question themselves instead of revolting against the established system.

    It is easy to imagine that in order to implement such manipulations these people have a greater knowledge of ourselves than we do. They know us far better than we do ourselves for we are not aware of what they're doing and this is a great feat and it's so scary as well.

    7. The deterioration strategy

    To gain acceptance of unacceptable measures, you introduce it over a period of time long enough, years, months... For instance, we had non mandatory masks, then mandatory masks, then masks at school. Restaurants got temporarily closed then permanently. And today we have curfews at 6pm, all places of entertainment are closed, we have to wear a mask at all times, maintain social distance at all times, and people keep saying: “Oh, I think it's well justified. It's normal, it's okay.

    So why does it work? Because humans do forget. Individuals forget how life was before. Right now if you ask them to remember how their lives were before, of course they'll remember. But today they don't feel more hard-pressed than before. In fact, the reason why a large section of the population accepts all this is either because they forgot how life was before or because they hope it will improve tomorrow: “Yeah, but it won't last. It's only temporary.

    Well, it's been temporary for a bit more than ten months now. It's quite long for something not meant to last... Actually, humans hold the illusion of a temporary difficult transition as a form of self-reassurance.

    One last point I find very important is that they told us what to think, how to think, what to believe and what to say, and yet we do believe we all have freedom of choice, thought and action. In reality, we don't realise how much we are being manipulated and controlled within society and being aware of that is already a huge step forward.

    Transcribed & translated from French by Ey@el
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