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    As many, this year more than ever, I really find it hard to get into the holiday spirit. Fortunately I have a few tricks such as this delicious spicy bites I always make for Christmas and which no traditional processed treat can ever vie with, both taste and health-wise.

    These easy-made delights contain only healthy nutrients that will not make you gain weight. Especially cashews, valuable sources of phytosterols which can reduce by 10-20% your level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) when consumed daily. But also for their high content in trace elements and B-group vitamins which are essential for nervous balance, cell-functioning, and hormone production amongst other things. These can be found in flaxseed too, but they also provide soluble fibres which facilitate digestion and intestinal transit and help control food and sugar cravings. As for coconut oil, I think it needs no more introduction as I'm using it about everywhere including in cosmetics (see Related articles).


    Makes 15 bites:

    - 100 g sultanas
    - 100 g cashews
    - 1 cup spice tea
    - 1 tsp flaxseed
    - 1 tbsp coconut oil (compact form)
    - 1 tsp powdered ginger
    - grated coconut


    Soak sultanas in warm spice tea and leave overnight.

    The next day, drain them and transfer to a blender jug with coconut oil. Grind flaxseed and add to the mixture along with ginger powder. Blend until smooth and refrigerate until the mixture hardens.

    Make little balls and roll then in grated coconut. Store into a sealed container in the fridge.

    NOTE: You may substitute pecans (more expensive) for cashews, fruit juice for spice tea, and dried fruits or cranberries for sultanas. And if you don't have a coffee grinder, you may grind flaxseed with a pepper mill.

    A great homemade gift idea for  those who have decided to boycott this commercial break before the next lockdown.

    Eat as much as you like, yum!


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