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    We are the champions, my friends,
    And we'll keep on fighting 'til the end.
    We are the champions...
    We are the champions....
    No time for losers
    'Cause we are the champions of the world!

    ♫ "We Are The Champions", Queen (1977)

    Off it goes, another one bites the dust, all dead, all dead1 the Worst Year has passed away. And even though it passed in a flash, it left us scarred like Harry Potter. Goodbye Worst Year,  hello Golden Year! Let's not celebrate yet until we actually catch the Golden Snith2. Which means we should not take anything for granted and keep our eye wide open to be in with a chance to take that bloody ball on the flight. And watch out for Bludgers3 and Nifflers4! But we will win for, as Freddie sang, we are the champions of the world.


    Endnotes et références

    1. In reference to two eponymous songs by Queen, "Another One Bites The Dust" and "All Dead, All Dead".
    2. The Golden Snitch is used in Quidditch, the sport played by wizards in the Harry Potter world. This is a small golden ball the approximate size of a walnut with two small silver wings to hover, dart and fly around the pitch. The first Seeker to catch the snitch ends teh game and scores his team 150 points, which is usually enough (but not always) to guarantee victory.
    3. In Quidditch again, Bludgers are enchanted jet-black balls designed to knock prevent players to scores points by knocking them off their broom. It is the Beaters' job to defend their teammates from Bludgers and direct them toward the opposing team.
    4. Still in the Harry Potter world, Nifflers are small mole-like furry creatures with platypus-like features. They are obsessed with hoarding shiny objects which they hide inside their belly pocket.
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