• Here's What The Future Of Insect And Nano Drones Looks Like

    Article by Christopher Harress

    A prerequisite to the theme of the week: after considering the ultimate scenario with Muse's Drones album (see Related articles), here's the least worst application of the UAV/drone rapidly developing technology yet not the least worrisome. Will there be any fully organic beings left around the globe by the end of the century? I definitely won't be here anymore to witness that (at least not in this actual incarnation) but I have many doubts regarding this issue I would hate to see becoming certainties. I loathe mosquitoes badly enough — what if they can now be used to spy on us — that really won't do it!


    Tiny drones are widely expected to become a fixture of American airspace come 2015 as Federal Aviation Administration rules become more relaxed. The FAA believes there will be around 20,000 drones in the sky by 2017, although some say that figure will be much higher.

    The drones will come in all shapes and sizes, and they have many different purposes. At the moment, General Atomics' armed surveillance MQ-9 Reaper drone patrols America’s borders looking for illegal immigrants and drug dealers, but many of the drones that are coming, and in some cases are already operating, will be nano drones or insect drones.


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