• Here Come the Climate Lockdowns, “for the good of the planet”

    Article by Cap Allon

    © The Guardian

    For those unquestioningly accepting the IPCC’s latest doomsday report, you need to accept this, too: climate lockdowns are now a formality. Migration will be stopped, food rationing will be imposed, and your freedoms will be erased; all for a completely fabricated crisis that you’ve been suckered into.

    The elites’ aim is control, unsurprisingly — and this latest IPCC report is a final push to gain as much of it as possible before the real issues of food shortages and the resulting civil unrest grip our global society, and descend it into chaos.

    Unimaginable crop failure is on the horizon as the Grand Solar Minimum continues its intensification.

    Unpredictable weather patterns are ravaging harvests across the planet right now: severe freezes in South America have transformed Argentina and Brazil into import nations, Southern African crops have been devastated by recent record-smashing cold, the drought and persistent chills in the U.S. have seen wheat estimates tumble 70%, while the well-documented floods in Europe and China are decimating the harvests there, too.

    These will ALL have a knock-on effect at your local supermarket: prices are already rising, shortages are already noticeable.

    These are the realities we’re living, today.



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