• Heal the World by Healing Yourself

    Article by David Wilcock

    Nearly every day, I hear a story that people are becoming more aware... more attuned to the consciousness of the world and its effects. I believe this is no accident: It appears that our thinking minds are being energetically transformed by outside forces that are affecting our entire solar system, as we will explore in later chapters. And this raises an intriguing question: Is it possible that the rules of the dream world could also apply to the physical world? If we all share a collective consciousness, are there practical things we can do to improve the world, by nothing more than the power of our own thoughts? Could we improve the lives of others by improving ourselves? Can we change the dream when we change our own minds? There is rigorous evidence that we have much more power to improve the overall health of the people on earth than we ever believed.

    Over a two-year period, groups of about seven thousand people gathered three different times—and during these meetings, they were able to reduce all acts of terrorism, worldwide, by a phenomenal 72 percent. Obviously, the tactical value of such a winning strategy would be of massive importance to national security. Were these people diplomats, politicians or military planners plotting out the next offensive? Were they peace activists, diving down into the trenches and rescuing people in a hail of gunfire? Were they protestors, gathering in front of government buildings and demanding change?

    What exactly did they do?

    The answer may well change everything we think we know about the way the Universe really works. These people got together and meditated—with thoughts of love and peace. Bear in mind that this was a scientific study, published and accepted in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. They ruled out cycles, trends, weather, weekends, holidays and all other variables—the 72 percent reduction in terrorism had to be caused by them meditating, and nothing else. In another example, violent crime in Washington, D.C., was decreased by up to 23.6 percent over a two-month period in the summer of 1993, as the number of participants rose from eight hundred to four thousand—despite
    the fact that violent crime had been increasing before they met. As soon as their meetings ended, the crime level started going back up again. The likelihood that this effect could have been caused by a “chance variation in crime levels” was less than two parts per billion, and all other factors;— including temperature, precipitation, weekends, and police and community anticrime activities — were ruled out.

    As of 1993, fifty different scientific studies had rigorously proven that this effect really works — over the preceding thirty years. They were published in mainstream peer-reviewed journals and showed the meditators had created improvements in health and quality of life, as well as decreases in accidents, crime, war and other such factors. I propose that this effect works because we’re all sharing the same mind, to some degree. There appears to be a balance between private thoughts and information we acquire directly from the Source Field. Let’s not forget the Institute of HeartMath’s experiments, in which those people with the greatest coherence affected the brain wave patterns and biorhythms of others who were close to them. If seven thousand people can reduce worldwide terrorism by 72 percent, this suggests the Source Field is significantly biased in favor of positive emotions rather than negative ones.

    Therefore, any time someone tries to tell you it’s hopeless, that “we’re all going to die,” that some dream or prophecy said we have no ability to control the outcome of our future here on earth, I highly recommend you don’t fall into the trap of indulging in such faceless fear. We can scientifically prove that by simply focusing on a positive attitude in your own life, you are helping to reduce war, terrorism, suffering and death. There is also compelling evidence from Russia that severe weather, earthquakes, volcanic activity and the like can also be reduced by the effects of consciousness, as we will see.


    Now that we see how strongly a small group of people can affect everyone’s behavior on a mass scale, the idea that the real world is like a lucid dream or a hologram doesn’t seem so crazy-sounding after all. What if the rules of the dream world actually do apply to the physical world? If so, then all these global disasters may actually be symbolic reflections of our own inner distress: our fear, pain, sorrow and anger. After years of my own meditation, I finally concluded on a deep level that our sadness comes from a very convincing illusion: the seemingly inescapable truth that we feel alone.

    The evidence I have already presented here suggests that we all have a soul — constantly watching over us, while also enjoying its own experiences, thoughts and travels. I believe any one of us can reach out to this greater aspect of our own being, and develop the ability to gain reliable spiritual guidance — to understand the greater plan and Purpose we may have chosen to fulfill before we ever came here. We might also avoid a great deal of needless suffering in the process. However, when we resist our Purpose, we only encounter more and more pain, difficulty and seemingly random bad luck.

    According to Edgar Cayce, the noteworthy psychic reader who practiced in the early twentieth century, ignorance does not grant us an exemption from the great spiritual laws — and this includes the Law of Karma — in which whatever we measure out to others will be measured back to us. If we sufficiently violate someone’s free will, we may require another lifetime to balance ourselves out — by enduring similar hardships. Cayce also said we can eliminate this entire cycle of karma by practicing true forgiveness and acceptance — both of ourselves and of others. That, ultimately, appears to be the core Purpose we are all here to achieve. And if it were easy, we wouldn’t require multiple incarnations to figure it out.

    By David Wilcock
    © 2011 Excerpt from The Source Field Investigations

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