• Have You Fallen for the Big Fat Law of Attraction Lie?

    Article by Katherine Anne Lee

    In addition to the article below, a recent quote from Lulumineuse posted on her Instagram account which should support the concept of the LOA and hopefully help you understand why it didn't work for you so far. Yes, doubts, always. A bit like sowing a seed and spending your time digging it up to check whether it's started sprouting.

    Entertaining positive thoughts is by no means the ultimate path to ascension. Many people tend to believe such practice will bring them satisfaction and fulfil all their desires often aimed at material gain. Wanting a new car, a new house, their next family trip... Thus they practice a mental activity on purpose which will turn out much harder than they would have thought. Actually, your mind is in no way in charge of manifesting the divine thought nor projecting it onto the heavens of godsend abundance. Your mind alone cannot forge what the Universe undertakes for you. To make demands on the Universe, you must accept to that the Universe makes demands on you. Meaning that you have to become the messenger of your own light, of the workings of Love/the Universal Intelligence in your own sanctuary more than a mere persona who views their desires according to their structural patterns and conditioning. In order to properly align with your genuine aspirations, it is not enough to seek to convince yourself inwardly or to seek to convince the Universe while being afraid of thinking negatively. You need to release yourself from the conditioning which contains all your fears and doubts by consciously entertaining your faith that everything is being taken care of. Once you start cultivating more transparency regarding what stirs up your own emotions and mind, the fog surrounding their activity will clear up, allowing you to align with the higher universal information which will guide your steps without any doubt that it will manifest.

    So yes, the LOA is a big scam in the way it is sold to us. Indeed, we are wrongfully told, on purpose, that it works by focusing almost obsessively on the expected result whereas it actually requires us to completely let go off any expectation. I have recently experienced it and it was like having an epiphany for me upon realising that I had already used it several times in the past and I didn't know it. My mind, which is usually extremely creative in producing objections of all sorts, had nothing to argue this time. Hip hip hip hurrah! In short, to set the LOA into motion, you need to imagine, feel and state what you want. Then, you must take action accordingly (for instance, changing a habit may be considered as taking action) and put all your heart and energy into it, then just let go. All you need to do is move on to something else while remaining open to the opportunities that will come your way... when you least expect them. Lucky people are simply applying the LOA (often unknowingly) while surfing on the flow of life. The most important thing is you must learn to remain available in your head. Actually, the principle of the LOA is so simple many people don't believe it (while making it work the opposite way by attracting the very things they fear most). So if you've been trying unsuccessfully and for a long time, try again with the correct instructions this time. Start with small things you're not very much attached to and vaya con dios!


    The Law of Attraction is big business. It’s what’s given “The Secret” author Rhonda Byrne a net worth of over $100 million dollars – the theory that if you think positively and focus hard enough on the outcome of what you desire, the Universe will manifest it into your reality, before your very eyes. So it comes as zero surprise that countless more identikit self-help gurus, thought leaders and spiritual experts have hopped hot onto the bandwagon like eager bunnies since Byrne’s book was published back in 2004.

    In slightly different guises, they all peddle pretty much the same exact taglines – That what you focus your mind (and feelings) on the most, is what the Universe will provide for you. So positive thinking and feeling equals positive outcomes (equals even more positive bank balances).


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