• Happy Easter

    Graphic by Ey@el

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    Where are you going with your butterfly net?” I asked a neighbour I met in the street.

    Tryna catch rabbits of course!” he replied, a mischievous smile on his face.

    Rabbits, you sure? They ain't like butterflies you know! Besides, hunting is not allowed on this season...

    I should say that this gentleman is a repentant former hunter who pours all his energy to help animals in distress, that his house is a shelter for stray cats, that everyday he feeds the ducks from the pond — using a slingshot to send grain to the old ducks stuck on the islet — plus all sorts of other creatures he comes across. It turned out that some careless people had left their lop-rabbits (those with the floppy ears) run free and exposed to be run over by cars — which unfortunately did happen to some — which arouse the wrath of neighbours because of the damage done to their flowers and plants. I thus decided to picture the lovely rodents to wish you a happy Easter with an overload of cuteness despite a tough zodiacal forecast.


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