• Grounding — A Simple, Pleasurable Way to Reduce Inflammation and Chronic Disease

    Article by Dr Joseph Mercola

    Did you know the energy from the Earth can help you live a healthier life? The concept is known as earthing or grounding, which is no more complicated than walking barefoot.

    In Down to Earth  — which received the IndieFEST Award of Excellence for a documentary short in January 2017  — I speak alongside other experts to shed light on this super simple yet commonly overlooked way to protect and improve human health. As cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra, author of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? explains in the film:

    Grounding is literally putting your bare feet on the ground. When you do that, you’re in contact with the Earth, and mother Earth is endowed with electrons, and these electrons are literally absorbed through your feet. It’s like taking handfuls of antioxidants, but you’re getting it through your feet.


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