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    Today as you know it is Saint Patrick's Day in celebration of the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Apart from the religious nature of this festival and its more sinister occult background (see Related articles), we may also regard it as a celebration of Gaia or Mother Nature, our planet who is much more than just a rock but a living entity in her own right. You don't believe me ? Well, let's reconnect to her, listen to her and then you'll know.

    What Language Does Mother Earth Speak?

    How does our planet, which gives life to all earthly creatures, tell us when we’ve gone too far, when we’ve cut down too many forests or over-polluted the soil and sea? In what ways does she make appeals to the human race for compassionate reciprocity for breathing life into the stardust that animates us?

    We know she is capable of doom and destruction, and that when she speaks up the earth shakes and trembles and entire cities fall. When she cries out her tears create centennial floods and blizzards that shock, surprise and humble us. When she moans in pain of being tortured, her anguish is felt in droughts, famine and pestilence, and thousands of her children die and fade to dust. When she smiles, we reap abundance in harvest and we thrive in good health of mind and spirit.

    She speaks to us in these familiar tongues, using the language of blessing and destruction, yet our human minds have gone so far down the road of disconnection that we know longer hear her or heed her voice. We’ve advanced so far in the direction of materialism that we no longer acknowledge her communication as an intelligence, and we’ve grown so arrogant and pompous in our endeavors that we discredit her say, instead always moving to subjugate her interests or insulate ourselves from her wrath. Foolishness of the highest order.


    And by the way, have a happy equinox (in three days' time) and many happy returns to all Patricks and Patricias!


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