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    Those who enjoy snooping around may certainly have noticed the major revamping and minor improvements of this blog over the last couple of weeks, all of which I am rather proud overall (and so glad I am finally done with).

    Nice leads

    First of all, I discovered how to make the most of leads (or ledes), which, in journalism refers to “an introductory or summary line or brief paragraph, located immediately above or below the headline, and typographically distinct from the body of the article”. Somewhat a bit late and much to my regret as I had to copy-paste credits and header pictures for each and every article, one a time — a long and tedious process with Eklablog's crappy editor and erratic servers not helping much. But I am very persistent.

    The major benefit is that now, when browsing through categories, ten articles from the most recent to the oldest will be displayed on a single page instead of only one previously.

    As an added bonus, if you subscribe to my RSS feed you'll also get a better preview of each post as shown below (using Brief feed reader extension for Firefox):

    New header pictures

    All thrown in as you may see (if you're a bit curious) with most evocative, larger header pictures. Though, I mostly had to move and enlarge existing ones, many older articles from my austere days required substitutes since low resolution graphics do not look good when zoomed in.

    Totally revamped indexes and categories

    All this structure work surely has not been lost on categories where new iconic buttons provide easier access to specific RSS feeds (for those who have selective reading habits) and toggling views from index/page browsing.

    Indexes have been revamped to provide clearer, more attractive thematic lists (a relief for me as well) also differentiating at a glance originals from translations or reposts.

    In my efforts, I realised some articles had been misplaced so I fixed that too. Hence catch-all Brainstorming now features advanced technologies and the likes;  the photo editing category is now called Infrareds while the previous Imaging name has been reallocated to a new category for my downloadable tubes; and Transliteration will display wordart and poetry only as all graphic designs have been moved to a new Identikit.

    Easier browsing

    The logical step then was to reorganise the horizontal menu as well. So clicking on a category will call a detail index. Click on the Magnifier button to explore.

    On the opposite, when you click on the category name above article headers, you'll get directly in exploring mode.

    Last but not the least, access to next or previous pages has been moved back to the bottom of articles. However, if you'd prefer it back on top and provided you use a web browser such as Firefox or Chromium, you may add the following codelines to UserChrome.css or create a new style with Stylish extension:

    /* AGENT_SHEET */
    @namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);
    @-moz-document url-prefix("http://lapensinemutine.eklablog.com/"),
        .pagination {     
        position: absolute !important;
        top: 340px !important;       

        position: absolute !important;
        top: 370px !important;

    Hide the Eklablog toolbar

    Non-Eklablog users may not wish to see the useless toolbars on top of pages. For that, just click on the top-left corner before the Eklablog logo to hide it. Click on the white arrow to display again.

    Search features

    You may perform a global search using the search tool on the header or in the ? menu.

    In the same menu, you'll find a tag cloud for keywords or monthly archives. For daily archives, you may use the sidebar calendar.

    Phew! That's it, I'm done making life easier for you.

    Don't bother with thanks. Just make a point in leaving more comments. Stats are fine, number of visits has doubled and I'm so grateful for it, still it all remains an abstraction somewhat and it feels a bit lonely out here sometimes. Every blogger will tell you though: comments and dialog are what really motivates us to share.


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