• First Steps to Working With the Moon

    Article by Nikki Harper

    Further to my recent Eklabugs article about the dark side of the moon (unavailable in English), I would like to introduce you to lunar astrology with an excellent article explaining what the tracking of your own moon cycles may bring you in terms of inner development for your personal well-being as well as that of other people. For what's within us defines what's outside, and if everyone does their bit, we'll be progressing much more rapidly toward a better world because it will never fall straight into our lap.

    And to illustrate the methodology set out below, there is no better way than to speak to what you know and your personal experience. Which is why I'm using my own example and certainly not to try and impress anyone. Besides, I would know better than confessing I am a bit short-fused — fear not, I don't bite... well, not anymore! As a water/emotional type of person, I'm very sensitive to moon cycles (almost as much as werewolves), all the more since I have a strong fire moon in my birth chart, in the sign of Aries which is very impulsive and doesn't fit well with my overall Libra ascendant Capricorn nature. So, outwardly I may appear as an accommodating, wise and thoughtful person, but inside I'm rather passionate, all fired-up and sometimes irrational. To challenge me is to risk a nuclear explosion! This is both my pressure point and my greatest strength for, properly channelled (and I am actively attending to it), this fiery moon energy of mine holds a great imaginative and creative potential in everything related to writing and communicating (3rd house). It just goes to show that through awareness, astrology can help you turn any negative aspect into something positive.

    So, today for example, the Moon will be shifting from Virgo's mundane and rational energy to enter Libra's, which is all about compromises, harmony, beauty, and artistry. Regardless of the other aspects it forms and transits from other planets (which still make a significant difference as otherwise the Moon visits this same place on a monthly basis), the painful uncertainty while it's transiting my 8th zodiacal house (metaphysics) should find an outlet in more creative activities or focused on relationships. Later in the evening, when it enters my 9th house (spirituality, philosophy), I should regain some serenity and feel more exalted. Tomorrow, when it meets my natal sun , it will be a bit like my own personal new moon. The beginning of a new sun-moon cycle and the opportunity to make new intentions. Well, I hope this will help you understand the methodology presented below in a more practical way. Please, feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

    If you wish to find the exact position of your natal Moon and your astrological houses, you can get your chart for free on Astrodienstr (available in many languages). All you need is your date, hour and place of birth.


    Whether you’re interested in learning more about astrology, living in tune with nature or grounding yourself in an earth-based spirituality, working with the Moon can be extremely insightful. Because the Moon moves through the heavens so rapidly, completing a full cycle in just 28 days, it’s a great option for beginners and for those wanting to quickly get to grips with astrological cycles and their influence on our daily lives.

    By working with the Moon, you’ll quickly come to understand her affect on your moods and your emotions, and on each individual area of your life in turn.

    Before you start, you’ll need to know a little bit about the astrological Moon and how its symbolism changes as it moves through the different zodiac signs and the different astrological houses of your chart.


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