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    Oops! Worry not, we're not talking about Camping Paradis1, but the great “national frost” that is turning France into a “hellish country” as foretold by Indochine in their prophetic song (see Related articles). Tonight, the whole nation is going to celebrate the 230th anniversary of the victory of liberalism and upper classes over the clergy and monarchy — definitely not the victory of the small people unlike the myth we've all been force-fed with at school tells us2.

    I certainly have no intention of breaking up the party. Instead, I invite you to celebrate this day of national deceit to turn it into the day of mindfulness emergence when the whole hall of mirrors sustaining the illusion is going to be shattered into pieces by all the bangers and fireworks (thanks to the eclipses3).

    To souls citizens, break the spell!4

    We will become the divisions of joy,
    We will remain the armies of cool,
    And you shall see the beauty of our choices.

    ♫"Manifesto (Les Divisions de la joie)", Indochine (1999)

    Just like in iconic Matrix movie, you can choose between poison or antidote. The former is the blue pill of fear (the choice of “good“ citizens) while the the later is the red pill of love (the choice of “bad” citizens). Stop waiting to be allowed to exist: just be right now. Stop consenting to being brought down because someone has decided it for you and self-proclaimed themselves as above you. Empowerment is first of all picking up your own vibration and not relying on the goodwill of some external source. Let's be our own masters and nobody can ever rule over us anymore. Let's rejoice instead of despairing. This is is the only luxury that money can't buy and that tyranny cannot abolish.

    Kao kao bang!5



    1. ^ "Fiesta Boom Boom" is the anthem of Camping Paradis (Paradise Campsite), a popular “la-la land” so-Frenchy series set in a campsite in southern France featuring caricature-like characters in all-so-clichéd situations.
    2. ^  Myths of the Modern Nation-State — The French Revolution
    3. ^ Eclipses are known to promote conscious awareness. The total solar eclipse during the new moon on last July 2nd will be followed by a partial lunar eclipse during the full moon on July 16th. With both eclipses taking place on the karmic lunar node axis opposing “karma rulers” Pluto and Saturn, many hidden things should be unveiled whether at collective or personal level. Read on for more info...
    4. ^ Parodying lines from the French national hymn: “To arms citizens, form your battalions”.
    5. ^ "Kao Bang" is an early song by Indochine (1983).

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