• Fatal Era

    Graphic and poetry by Ey@el

    Original en français


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    An era proving fatal to the U-man race
    As it chose to breathe in A-trade
    Instead of embracing love.
    You could feel it in the air though,
    But for worst always,
    Clench-fisted U-men
    Didn't see it coming
    On time.
    The stale
    Dirty-eyed R
    And its regulate-R's
    Set up Terra
    On their final stopover
    Through the Milky Way.
    As the initial stage of Terra-mining
    Went exactly to plan,
    With all souls uprooted
    And stuck into the time loop,
    Terra-forming could then start.
    And the Invade-R's
    Sucked the Earth dry
    Of all its water and air,
    Leaving behind a


    About this piece

    • Just for once, this text and graphic were both produced at the same time in an attempt to express what I had long felt and saw more clearly under the combined powerful effects of the two recent eclipses (new moon on 9th March and full moon on 23rd March) and the equinox. This is no mere sci-fi fantasy of my own, but what I feel we're truly heading to if we keep denying what our (remaining) connection to the Universe is screaming at an indepth level. This translation of my original work in French was mission impossible but I did it anyway! Although it sounds a bit awkward and certainly lacks the sublety of the original puns — such as Terre-heure (Hour-Earth) for terreur (terror), Terre-minée (mined/minefield Earth) for terminée (complete) or R-heure (Hour-R) for erreur (error) — I hope it does retain its profound meaning.


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