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    For a couple of years I've been happily using my own homemade solid shampoo with shikakai and castor oil (a recipe available in French only) until I found a new formula that worked magic on my ultra dry and fine hair upon the first application. It comes as no surprise though, since shea butter has always agreed with my hair.


    • 30 g SCI surfactant
    • 5 g mineral water
    • 5 g coconut oil
    • 2,5 g shea buter
    • 27 drop silk proteins
    • 10 drops peppermint oil (optional)
    • 4 drops vitamine E (optional)

    QSF 50 g


    SCI (sodium cocoyl isethionate) is an esterified derivative of fatty acids from coconut oil in powder form (IMPORTANT NOTICE: it is advisable to wear protective gloves and glasses and mask until fully melt as SCI powder can be potentially irritant). This key ingredient has mild cleansing properties and provides smooth latter. No need to remind you again of the many properties and countless benefits fo coconut oil (or butter) used in this formula for its nutritional, moisterising and revitalising qualities combines with shea butter to prevent hair dryness. Silk proteins effectively strengthen and protect the hair fiber while leaving it tangle-free. Vitamine E is used for its antioxidative properties. As for peppermint oil, it provides pleasant freshness to the scalp while purifiying it and promoting hair growth. It may be substituted with ylang-ylang oil or with natural monoi fragrance as both combine well with coconut. I for one enjoy so much the invigorating effect of peppermint to try anything else.


    Place SCI in a double-boiler and progressively add water to dilute until you obtain an homegeneous lump-free mixture. Add coconut and shea butters to melt and stir well. Remove from heat and incorporate the other ingredients before transfering to a silicone soap mould. Leave for an hour in the fridge to harden. Release from the mould and ideally leave at room temperature for 24 hours before using.

    NOTE: Use like a soap bar, rubbing it on wet hair. This solid shampoo is really cost-effective not only because it won't cost you much to produce, but also because ou won't need to use any hair conditioner and it will last you much longer than any liquid shampoo provided you don't leave it in the shower and let it dry thoroughly before storing in into a dry sealed box (use paper towels to remove water and foam). Should you fail to observe these instructions and observe mould growth or even any change in odour, better discard it. This happened to me only once because I'd stored it while not fully dry.


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