• Everyone's Tired Of His Good Mood

    Article by le Gorafi translated by Ey@el

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    Angers, France – The relationships between Pierre Robusier, criticised for his constant joy and high spirits, and the people in his immediate environment seem close to breaking point. An allegedly long-lasting behaviour which would be particularly irritating to his family and friends.

    First of all, the young native of Angers, who insists on being called “Pierrot” (aka Pete), works as a pharmacy handler and keeps fuelling the animosity of his co-workers. “Pierre's high spirits make us feel miserable” one of them explains, claiming to feel offended by the young man's sometime exaggerated outbursts of happiness. “How does he come up with a smile on his face every morning ? Knowing how our job is... carrying boxes all day long” says another who can no longer bear hearing the happy tune he's whistling at work.

    As for his girlfriend, she says she's totally overwhelmed. “I have moved back to my mother's. He was listening to "Happy" over and over, I snapped. Now, every time I hear this song, my nerves crack” she explains. What if she decided to leave him ? “He says that's life and that it could be worse.” She also recounts how Pierre talked of his recent dismissal as a golden opportunity to learn a new trade. “His optimism is starting to baffle me” she says.

    A lack of humility

    Several of his friends and relatives also stressed their uneasiness when faced with such a behaviour deemed inappropriate, if not offensive. ”How can one afford to be happy all the time? It is outrageous these days” says his best friend, referring to poverty, starving kids, global warming and the return of French band Indochine (they're humouring us, aren't they? — N.d.T) to explains that “there are still many reasons to feel depressed.

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