• Dreams and Numbers

    Article by Rob Ragozzine

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    Numbers are everywhere. You may not always notice them, but they are there from the time you wake up, until you go back to sleep. These numbers are generally in the background, but when they show up in our dreams they can serve as important clues to solving real problems in your daily life. Indeed, when particular numbers appear in your dreams they can be very significant. However, the numbers that appear in your dreams may not appear to you directly. They may show up disguised, and in other formats, such as through symbolism, sets of objects, repeated events, or through communication.

    Numbers in our dreams can serve to reinforce a particular message. For instance, you might have a dream about an expensive car repair. The numbers on the bill might flash before your eyes over and over again. Those numbers could relate to an issue in your life that needs urgent attention. For instance, if the number 4 stood out, then the dream could be speaking about a need to be more practical.

    Also, numbers in our dreams can offer guidance on questions that you are thinking about. Since you may be facing a dilemma, or obstacle, the numbers in your dream can represent a choice that is available to you. In your dream you could be carrying many heavy stones and come to a ladder or bridge. In order to climb the ladder, or cross the bridge, you might have to let go of some of the stones. The number of stones you drop could have significance for you in your life. The dream could simply be representing a need to let of go of some of your obligations.

    Numbers can also relate to time. Perhaps you feel like you are under a lot of pressure at work, and your dreams become filled with all kinds of clocks. The dreams might be urging you to find a new way to “fill your time” and perhaps find a new career path. The dreams could also be trying to help you to find a way to better organize and manage your time. The interpretation often depends on what else is happening within the dream itself.

    Many religions and belief systems, including Catholicism, Judaism, Buddhism and others, have important references to particular numbers buried within their sacred documents and holy books. Certain numbers, including the number 7, show up with some frequency in many religions, hidden in traditions, special rites and revered documents.

    General meaning of the numbers

    0 – emptiness
    1 – new beginnings, change
    2 – partnerships, relationships, joining
    3 – joy, celebration, gossip
    4 – structure, honesty
    5 – change, education
    6 – family, hope
    7 – planning, thinking
    8 – power, control
    9 – endings, movement

    Common phrases with numbers

    • Catch 22
    • Two’s company, three’s a crowd
    • Two wrongs don’t make a right
    • Two heads are better than one
    • A cat has nine lives
    • Trouble always comes in threes
    • Too many cooks spoil the broth
    • Time heals all wounds
    • Time is money

    Questions you might ask

    • How do I feel about these numbers?
    • What is significant about these numbers?
    • Do the numbers stir any memories?
    • Do the numbers feel supportive?
    • Are there any phrases, related to the numbers, that come to mind?
    • Do you understand the message that the number brings?
    • What are the numbers connected to in my waking life?
    • Are these numbers offering relevant guidance for a problem that I am facing?

    Fun things to do

    • Work with numbers through a study of Numerology
    • Draw, paint or sketch the numbers from your dreams 
    • Interview the numbers to see what they might say
    • Learn about numbers in the Tarot
    • Read up on the work of Edgar Cayce and his dream interpretations


    Article by Rob Ragozzine
    © All Things Healing

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