• Delusion and surreality

    Article by Ey@el and illustrations by Gastón Viñas

    Original en français

    Another great artistic revelation coming from Argentina again (see Related articles). Obviously, the sleek graphic style of Gastón Viñas — about whom I couldn't find any information apart from the most relevant: his artwork — is strongly reminiscent of Gerald Scarfe's animated cartoons in the movie Pink Floyd The Wall which had made such a strong impression on me at the time. He also appears to be inspired by the worlds of Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman and Lewis Carroll as well as Stanley Donwood's designs. Besides, the tortured imagery of lyrics by Thom Yorke, Roger Waters, Muse, Cure and other artists of the same vein is very much reflected in his sketches. Actually, I discovered his work via a couple of alternative video clips he made out of Radiohead songs ("2+2=5" and "A Wolf At The Door").

    Beyond words so pointless, the book trailer above advertising 081, the new novel by a certain Luca Delgado, provides a great overview of his talent. As does the gallery of selected images from his Facebook page — very bleak pictures of highly sinister surrealistic spooky and creepy worlds soiled by red blood, all setting the scene for some utterly scary tales.

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    Outside, the world had become a formless, swirling mist with no shapes or shadows behind it, while the house itself seemed to have twisted and stretched. It appeared to Coraline that it was crouching and staring down at her, as if it were not really a house but only the idea of a house — and the person who had had the idea, she was certain, was not a good person.

    Excerpt from Coraline © Neil Gaiman, 2002


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