• Dealing With “Negative” Karmic Family Relationships

    Video by Lulumineuse transcribed & translated by Ey@el

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    Finding a great protocol online and applying it to do something is totally unrealistic. The best thing to do is to stop nurturing relationships. Which doesn't mean severing all ties to people and telling them “I won't see you anymore, you're too annoying”, but simply, as always, listening to yourself.

    Severing all ties to karmic memories”: so tired of karmic memories!

    Here on this planet, we've reached at a point where we're truly connecting to time zero (which means now). And in the now, when you listen to yourself, your mind connects to your soul and your soul makes suggestions within in the form of ideas, day dreams, songs, synchronicities, signs... anything you like. In this moment, there are no ties because you are yourself.

    You need to be fully anchored in the present moment and whenever you see something which causes you worry or that you're going to do out of habit, that's when you need to listen within. “Is it really in my interest to do this? Or am I not being caught into the repetitive loop of a tie I'm nurturing — some kind of a root fear or insecurity?” It is super important.

    Also, I'd say everything related to family obviously has a stronger affect, but we need to expand our awareness because our family on Earth is not necessarily our true family. Especially when so many of us have been adopted. And we, adoptees, come from all sorts of backgrounds, sometimes not even from the same local universe, that is to say how many of us did come to help!

    Likewise, we need to expand our awareness because even though these are earthly links, these fraternal ties may be very new and you might have be brought into a family because it's been around for many incarnations.

    One thing you need to know is that the natives of the surface of the Earth are having a hard time awakening due to all the tampering they've been subjected to — they have some kind of a thick blanket to prevent them from listening within and most are actually unable to do so and thus cannot understand themselves. However, you can understand that they are unable to do it. Therefore it's also being wiser to understand that we cannot ask them to behave any differently from what they are and what they can be right now. It's important to get this point.

    And precisely, since many of us come from elsewhere, let me remind you that when you're going to see your incarnated memories (past memories), in some instances they are not even yours because when you came here you also embodied the heritage of some Light who said: “Okay, I accept your help, so please take my place” and thus you inherited their own memories as well. This is how, sometimes, you can carry the burden of some memories which don't belong to you and eventually, we are also here to resolve all the karma of a person which is a great gift because every day through our responses, our dealings and our way of being, we are purifying this karma.

    It's important because we often talk about previous lives, stuff, memories, karmic links, but let me tell you this: today it's totally insignificant as we forget we are millions who have volunteered and who are not even 'locals'. We must stop thinking the old-fashioned way. And it's the old way since the first wave started with people who are now aged 49-69. It's been a while and things have changed, and yet we're still entertaining the same old beliefs.

    Transcribed & translated from French by Ey@el
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