• Deadly fascination

    Graphic by Ey@el

    Original en français

    This animated tag was designed years ago and adapted from Titoune's "Goth Love" tutorial (only available in French, Italian and Spanish). Let's say it's a good spoiler for tomorrow's Eklabugs themed article that unfortunately will only be available in English. You may forget about crucifixes, holy water, stakes, and garlic though, for the Chinese have a much easier and more convenient method for keeping bloodsuckers at bay: they drop a sack of rice on the vampire's way so that it has to count every single grain (do not skimp on quantity nor fineness of grind). Knotted rope would also do as it will have to unknot it, but you will need to tie all the knots first, so this solution should only be used as plan b or should you run out of rice. Anyway, I have more than one bag of bones tricks and if you think you know what my next article will be all about, you don't have to worry about getting burned (evil laugh)!


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