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    Video by David Wilcock transcribed by Ey@el

    The Herd Mentality

    Another thing that the Law of One talks about is many people on Earth are not even actually at a 3rd density level, they're only at a 2nd density or orange ray level. Instead of the yellow ray level of 3rd density, they're only at orange.

    What does this means?

    Herd mentality, crowd consciousness, and worship of 'they', whoever 'they' are, whatever 'they' say. [...]

    I was reading on a community site today and there was a whole thing on nextdoor about this issue of whether people are going to take this particular medical treatment or not. And my god, there were people on this public forum calling for the death of anyone that won't accept the treatment, that they are so afraid that they cannot tolerate these people being alive and having any freedom. [...]

    "The light of freedom will burn in this struggle within those people who are capable of such polarization."

    So if you haven't really made it into 3rd density yet, that means that you haven't learned individuation; you haven't learned to think for yourself, make up your own mind and discard the voice of the collective authority. That's a basic criteria for 3rd density, because 2nd density animals listen to the collective; they listen to what 'they' say, whoever 'they' are. If they listen to what 'they' say whoever 'they' are, why are we not seeing how effectively everyone's been lied to? A lot of people are, but, man, there are some people who are still totally asleep and it's very sad and very scary to read them calling for the deaths of others who refuse to get this treatment.

    Haven't we learned anything from World War 2? Haven't we learned anything from isolating a particular population whose opinions don't agree with the government and then demonizing them and trying to call for their mass extermination? This is not too uncommon, folks, it's the old playbook. And if you can't figure out that it's just a different name now. It's not Hebrews anymore, now it's something else but it's a targeted group. Wow! I mean these people are actually out there significantly calling for death, imprisonment and the total loss of freedom for these people and then you have the alleged leader of this country going out there: "We're losing our patience with you". What? Who's 'we'?

    They know it's not going to work. There's already like half of the states of America have definitively shown that they will not allow this to occur at the state government level which they'll still try to get around that, of course. I was hearing they're going to try to chop everything up in the U.N.: green zones, mandatory camps, mandatory injections, all this stuff. I've heard from high level briefings that they're trying to get this to happen. [...]

    I guess one advantage I have is that I've seen these prophecies already and then when these things come true, I was like "Let's go back and look at that prophecy in the Law of One about global tyranny again, see what the hell it says". And it was much more precise than I could have ever imagined. So then they're actually saying "other weapons plural will be used that do not create large spread damage" — they just cause death okay — and then "the light of freedom will burn within those who are capable of feeling that desire". And that's another interesting comment is that there are people who are not capable of freedom; they're not capable of wanting to be free; they can't. They are addicted to the collective; they worship mommy and daddy in the form of mommy-and-daddy government,  mommy-and-daddy media.

    An Abusive Dysfunctional Relationship

    Mommy and daddy, they who know everything and are trying to run the country, they don't have your interests in mind. They don't want to help you; they don't want to keep you safe; they don't want you to be free from sickness; they don't want to reduce your symptoms; they don't give a shit about you — they don't and they never will. They only want you to serve them, that's what psychopaths do. They want to control you, they want to manipulate you, and they will laugh in your face as they lie to you.

    And you try to say "Well, wait a minute, last week you said..."

    "I don't care if I said before that we would never force this on you, this is your body, I don't care. Now we're telling you something else."

    So now everybody is getting to have the gut-bucket, knocked-down, drag-out dysfunctional relationship that really should have ended in divorce a long time ago. And why the hell are they still together ? That's what we're in right now, an abusive dysfunctional relationship where you are the victim and the abuser, the perpetrator is the alleged elite. And it's become a very personal story that affects each of us.

    Will I continue to take this job if they're going to make me do this?

    And many people are now saying no. Over 70% of the polling data shows that people will leave. It could be a mass walkout and that kind of Gandhi level peaceful protest is the only thing I'm calling for. I am not calling for violence. I will never call for violence. I would disavow violence. I do disavow violence. [...]

    The non-linear stuff that the Law of One was talking about, that's what they're trying to do. The psychopath wants to punish you for standing up for yourself if you're in a relationship with a psychopath. The one thing you never ever want to do is stand up for yourself because as soon as you do, they will smash you. And that's what they're trying to do right now on a global level. We are trying to stand up for ourselves and they're like "I am going to smash you".

    So what do they want to do?

    The psychopath always tries to trigger you when you're in a really abusive relationship Thanks God, I'm not in any of these kind of situations anymore, but I was before. When you're in a really abusive relationship, the other party is trying to get you to do something unethical; they're trying to get you to say something unloving; they're trying to get you to get angry; they want you to go into a tantrum; they want you to start yelling; they want you to throw something. There are certain other things that they want you to do. It's unbelievable the stuff that I've personally experienced — the stuff that people have personally said to me; the stuff that people have personally done to me. The level of unfairness, the level of sick insanity of this abuse I've seen it, I've experienced it. I'm a veteran of this.

    What do they try to do ?

    They try to get you so mad that you go over the edge. You lose control, now all you have is this tiny little brain in the middle of your head (the reptilian brain) that's all that's running. Your brain is shut down and then they have everything, but the frontal lobe so they can drastically out-think you in these arguments and you're going to lose because you go into dissociative state trauma child. That's all you have. You can't think, you're fight-or-flight and you're really angry. And you haven't lived in this persona long enough to actually have healed that inner child so that it's not angry when it comes out.

    So what are they doing now on a global level, they're trying to provoke, provoke provoke... so that you're only in the middle of your brain, you can't think; you can't see through propaganda; you can't determine the truth; you can't determine whether they're being honest with you or not. But a lot of people will prefer to be abused because what does the abuser always do (and every person who's done this to me) what they do is your life is so much worse if you stand up for yourself that the lesson is "just don't stand up for yourself; don't take that step; don't do anything". If you don't stand up for yourself then you're allowing them to do whatever they want. And so I think an abusive relationship can be a great teacher if you get the resources in yourself to get out and cut the cords and  leave that person behind.

    A Very Acrimonious Divorce

    And so that psychodynamic of a personal relationship is totally relevant to the psychodynamics of our global relationship with the elite because we are in a dysfunctional relationship right now with psychopaths (but you could quantify it as if it's a psychopath). That's how the universal law seems to work. So archetypally- meaning (the archetypes are these gestalts of consciousness that we all have to follow) whether we realize it or not, the archetype that's going on right now is a very acrimonious divorce between the Devil and God, if you really want to look at it that way.

    It's actually the fulfilment of biblical prophecy and the way that it's manifesting is that we are in this relationship with a person (and I'll just quantify it as a person right for now to keep it easy) who appears to have power over us. They appear to be in control; they appear to be running the world; they appear to have control of the resources; they appear to have control of the media; they appear to have control of our money; of our health; of our ability to be alive. And they're manipulating this and they're doing it abusively. They're lying to us. They're telling us things that are only halfway true and then they just bulldoze over.

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