• David Wilcock: Stunning 1981 Law of One Prophecy Unsealed by Current Events (4)

    Video by David Wilcock transcribed by Ey@el

    A Collective Experience

    That's what's going on and we need to deal with this. You cannot be the ostrich. I used to try to teach people about the Deep State and they'd say: "David, you're creating so much negativity, I just don't want to be involved. I'm out of here, I'm never going to go to your website again." I've had lots and lots of those emails. "Well, I'm not creating the Earth changes and I'm not creating the Illuminati! I'm not creating evil!"

    You don't have to: the Earth is a collective mind and it's collectively experiencing what we, as a collective 7.6 or whatever billion people, create. It's not up to you. You can help steer the ship, but you got to go through everybody's karma. We're all on the ship together and we got to go through planetary karma planetary alleviation.

    So in this Law of One quote (see previous article), what they're saying is that once you start to realize that the whole darn thing is rigged up; that everything that you've been told your whole life is a lie; that you're not as free as you thought you were; you're not as safe as you thought you were; they don't care about you; they don't want you to be happy; they don't want you to have abundance; they don't want to release new technology; they don't want the financial system to get better; they don't want you to have access to amazing healing devices at all; they want you weak; they want you tired; they want you sick; and they want you dying or dead because then it's more easy to run this planet.

    And they certainly don't want you to realize that there's beings that have a lot more authority than they do, just in terms of their level of technology and spiritual expertise. They want to be gods. They think they are gods. They don't want to be competing with any other gods. They want to be the god. They want to be that thing, so if you can vibe in to the reality of what great spiritual teachers like Jesus told us over the years... Why would you think that all that stuff got negated? Why would you think that "Oh well, Jesus was wrong. It's not really going to work out. We're all going to die. Jesus was wrong"? That's stupid!

    There's 35 different ancient prophecies all over the world and they all say the same thing. They all say that the world's going to go through a horrible hell process, but that it turns into an enlightenment experience and that we're okay. Everybody says this, it's not unique to christianity at all. It's actually a very common widespread belief system, that's just Truth I'm just laying it out. [...]

    So as we're progressing into this 4th density, the coming changes, not only in the physical 3rd density planet due to the heating effect (that's the Earth changes global warming), they talk about that being the result of us resisting 4th density. If we didn'tn the planet wouldn't be heating up so much. And sure enough have you noticed that like glacier ice is returning in the Arctic. [...]

    This alleviation of the Earth changes right now is because more people are waking up and therefore the 4th density energy is not being interrupted. They actually said there's a possibility that we might not have Earth changes as we go through 4th density. We might not get the dreaded pole shift tsunami, all that kind of stuff, and it relies on us. It relies on you anytime that you start deferring your authority and think that "Well, there's nothing I can do. What could I do? I'm just one person". You know how much I've heard this over the years.

    Well, I'm just one person. I channeled this stuff in a barn. Now, it's true what is one person is incredible. One person is the divine embodied in human form with full access to cosmic consciousness in potential as you work through your trauma and your healing and you can learn to go through suffering without regressing into this reptilian brained child who's always angry or is running away, because it's 'fight-or-flight'. One or the other, you're only going to do one of two things, although now the research says there's freeze to fight. 'Flight-and-freeze' and I think a lot of people are in freeze, but they're just starting to go into into fight.

    So I had a dream, not too long ago, where I was working on my thing with the hover cars and the anti-gravity and the power plants. And I'm at a computer on a battlefield, working on this stuff and then the people were represented by people literally just jumping over my shoulders and they're just running on the battlefield. They've never done this before; they've never been political; they've never gone public; and now they're doing it and that is happening. And just the fact that so many people are aware of what's going on now, that awareness itself is incredibly astonishing. I never thought that the stuff that I was talking about would be so widely seen by so many different people. And yet here we are today and it's so obvious to everyone and that's incredible.

    A Divinely Ordained Process

    So the Law of One makes it very clear that this is not going to go bad; that this is a divinely ordained process; that it's guided and it's guarded. So again, if you're thinking it's all over, it's doom and gloom, that "I don't know why David told me it was going to be okay. It's all going down the crapper". No, no. I very much believe that this is an intensely well-organized global initiation allowed to exist and, to some degree, structured and influenced by higher forces, by angelic beings. The higher beings will not allow certain things to happen. They will not allow nuclear war to happen, for example. They just won't. And there's hundreds of times that we tried and they won't let it happen. [...]

    The heating effect but also other changes that herald 4th density such as the ability to perform paranormal activity — I'm assuming that both of these are also and will act as a catalyst to create greater seeking. And they say this is partially correct. The paranormal events occurring are not designed to increase seeking, but our manifestations of those whose vibratory configuration enables these entities to contact the gateway to intelligent infinity.

    So there they're talking about the idea that as 4th density is getting ready to happen on Earth, people come in who already have these abilities, to varying degrees, activated. And this is where you get things like people bending spoons with their mind, poltergeist activity, levitation, all kinds of weird stuff that various people have had happen either consciously or unconsciously. They say this is all because new people are coming in with the 4th density body partially activated and when they have that, they can do these things.

    So the entities capable of paranormal service may determine to be of such service on the conscious level. This however is a function of the entity and its free will and not the paranormal ability.

    Now this is the next part: "The correct portion of your statements is the greater opportunity for service due to the many changes which will offer many challenges difficulties and seeming distresses within your illusion to many who will then seek to 'understand', if we may use this misnomer, the reason for the malfunctioning of the physical rhythms of their planet". [...]

    Death & Reincarnation

    They're talking about seeming distresses and they're talking about life on Earth being an illusion — what the heck does that mean?

    Even if somebody dies, in the Law of One terms, it's just part of the process of being a soul. We're so unenlightened on Earth in general, as a whole, as a planet, that many people believe that death is the end; that you're not going to continue to exist; you're not going to have sentience; you're not going to be aware anymore. The whole beautiful note of the creation that is you and your mind and your personality could be lost and you sink into this great black abyss when you die and nothing exists. And you just forgot that there ever was a universe. It's like it never even happened.

    My grandparents on my father's side definitely believed this. They certainly believed that when they died that it all goes back to nothing. And this is why we're so afraid of death and why we're so terrified that something might kill us, because the idea is "death is the end". Death is the end of awareness. Death is the end of consciousness. Death is the end of thinking and feeling and being.

    It's not true. You're just as alive as a soul as you are in a physical body. And your soul is just as capable of giving you a new physical body and finding new parents to birth. Your soul is totally capable of doing that and your soul also is able to impregnate the facial features of the soul onto your face, which is why research has proven that when people reincarnate, they look the same as who they were before.

    Dr. Ian Stevenson studied over 3,000 children. Most of them in the Middle East, in a culture where they believe in reincarnation, and they remember their past lives with astonishing efficacy. Actionable data is recovered in these 3,000 cases that lead to forensic proof that this person is remembering the lifetime of someone else. And then, when you compare the lifetime they're remembering to who they are now and you look at their faces, they're almost identical. And in fact, those who have followed in Dr. Ian Stevenson's footsteps have now used police face matching software and it turns out that if you committed a crime in your past life, such as murder, the face match is usually so good that you could still be found guilty of it in your subsequent incarnation!

    To be continued...

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